Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Long Island Postcards

My last post was sort of depressing, so I went to Long Island to visit a friend who gardens --when it's not too hot.....

collects china with a hint of pink

and other quirky old china....and lots of other things too.

We went to a garden center where they had one of my dreams: 
a teeny weeny barnyard with chickens

and a duck and a goat and so forth.

We bought some flowers to plant in her son's garden since we've handed the passion for flowers off onto the next generation.

ps My other, quirkier, New York blog is here.


  1. I love that pink china - so happy-looking!

  2. What cheerful photos! I also love the pink china!

  3. wow such a lovely blog, loved it so much. And the pics are so beautiful.

  4. Beautiful post as ever - a lovely collection of bits and pieces. Love the flowers too.

  5. Elizabeth, that collection of china is right up my street. I even like the glassware, though glass is not quite my thing.

    And those flowers ... great to have a chance to do some garden dabbling.

    New York's weather is so much better now than it was at the weekend. I think we are all enjoying this release from record-breaking heat.


  6. Beautiful shots- Especially the chook and quack! Henry and Buster would have made their day more interesting...

  7. A perfect post for a grey, rainy day here. I am cheered!

  8. Lovely pictures, as usual.

    Although they are all beautiful, I especially like the glass, I just love old glass.

    I hope your weather is becoming more bearable.

  9. Chickens ! ! !

    Oh Elizabeth, the photos are wonderful !

    cheers, parsnip

  10. These are a few of my favorite things. Beautiful.

  11. Yes, that was a soothing sight for sun scorched eyes.

  12. So beautiful photos. But the first is my preferred, it looks wonderful!

  13. What a gorgeous flowers and that pink is my favourite colour.


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