Monday, July 25, 2011

Just Plain Nuts.....

All of us have little things we like to do.....

but some people take it further than others. 
It was horribly, revoltingly hot, but the 

collector of bottles and cans was hard at it. 
In a sort of way it was admirable, but in others, of course, rather sad. 
His artistic creation, I think.

A completely other form of craziness is the people who plant plants 
(here redwing begonias) and then don't bother to water them.....ever. 
Lunacy #3  may be observed in the sort of person 
who puts up notices about lunacy #2. Hm.........

How thrilled we were to see the lowering sky yesterday afternoon.....
and it still  didn't rain!

Monday morning. No rain yet and the sparrows are fed up ...
not to mention the humans.


  1. Hope you get some respite from the heat soon`s heating up again here too and we`re only a week away from Ramadan now.

  2. Soon, soon, I hope, you'll get some rain or at least lower temperatures.
    Crazies live everywhere :) especially New York and LA.

  3. Hmmm I guess if I had my druthers- this here, in the PNW, where the sun rarely shines and it rains all the time and the temperature has difficulty climbing out of the 50's-is preferably to heat. I still wear winter clothing and can breath and move- though I may die of some disease directly related to lack of sunshine...I am comfortable.
    The collection of cans and bottles is LARGE! It must be "art"!

  4. Ahhhh, but this afternoon rain did arrive, and then stayed a bit to gently encourage the temperature to drift gently lower.

    By now it's about 30 degrees F cooler than at this hour yesterday.

    Let's enjoy this break. I just know that it won't last.

    Elizabeth, your photos, as always, really help to tell the city story to everyone, everywhere. xo

  5. I think it just rained!
    What's up with those cans?

  6. You paint a different and varied view of the effects of the heat, with your photographs and comments.

    Hope it rains soon!

    I type this sweating away at the computer as there is no aircon. down here in the basement.

  7. Great photos of the city, as always!

  8. I forgot to say that I love the architecture of those buildings in the second photo. So NY to me...

  9. Now what on earth was that with the cans?
    I am sure you know Elizabeth about the cool temperatures and lots of rain here. don't like it but think I prefer it to what you are experiencing in NYC.

  10. I hope it rain soon. It's always hot here :((

  11. The weather here as been really hot and I have been waiting for some rain. Outside the clouds look stormy, but no rain arrives!

    I hope both of us receive some relief from the heat of summer soon.

  12. Lovely pics of the heat waved city


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