Saturday, July 23, 2011

We're Having a Heat Wave!

Gosh! It's much too hot.

A rather ominous looking Madison Square Park courtesy of Hipstematic

A cool looking restaurant.

Walking along Broadway...... Union Square.

I do love the funny effects you can get on the cell phone though I rather hate waiting for them to 'develop'. Just imagine how impatient I was in those dim distant days when you had to drop your film of and wait about a week......

Potatoes make a visit to the blog.....
Hard to be sensible in this heat.


  1. Wonderful photos today !

    What cell phone do you have and except for the waiting do you like using Hipstermatic ? Kind of reminds me of the old polaroid camera with I loved

    The second to last photo is like a painting.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Your heatwave has even made our news!

    But I don't suppose the fact that we're having really crappy weather has made your headlines!!

    One idea, if we pooled our temperatures, then halved them between us, we might both have a nicer time of it!!

    Must phone the Meteorology Office with that idea! They're using the word "Autumnal" in our forecasts here!!

  3. Elizabeth, where oh where is that thunderstorm that we were promised for Saturday night?

    This thick air must be cleared soon.

    Meanwhile, I do very much like those photos from your phone.


  4. I really like the special effects from your phone photos. They make The Big Apple look a little bizarre and other-worldly. It looks like more days in the oven for your part of the world. Hoping you get a break soon.

  5. Great pictures Elizabeth.
    Thanks for your kind words in my blog.
    It's been a strange weekend here.
    Warm hugs from,


  6. Appreciate your USQ "hot potato" a well as your bravery in venturing to USQ in this heat! You are right; we indeed are having a heat wave in our "greatest city in the world" — and I am somewhat surprised that our mayor has not made it illegal to subject New York to soaring temperatures (-;

    But, like you, I am incorporating the consequences of being enveloped in heat in my blog and if you'd like to read it, please go to this link.


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