Monday, August 1, 2011

Seen Around Town

Waiting for the  M23 bus

at seven thirty in the morning.

A rather splendid hat on the corner of 8th Avenue.

Ah! air conditioning in Chelsea Market

where they have underfloor lighting sort of like underfloor heating.

The benison of a sprinkler.

The titles of poetry books make excellent reading in themselves......

Several bloggers are giving their summer reading shortlists on Wednesday.
Suggested choices:

2 Non Fiction books
2 New Fiction choices
2 tried and true favorites

I'm still trying to think.......


  1. What ever are you doing up so early in the morning taking photos of amazing beings?? Love her outfit!
    Is that our Henry standing so wet and tall? And are those poetry books telling us his name- how clever you are.

  2. Nice street pictures!
    Here we not need air conditioners, but heaters! :)

  3. Great Post! People as they are ... I love it! The poetry book titles amaze!

  4. That Lady in Pink sure is hot (and wired!)!
    Love the other images too.
    We could need a bit of sunny weather and a few more degrees!

  5. Great street photos! What a diversity of people and style.

  6. Eclectic collection of costumes and venues! Good thing Chelesa Market is air conditioned. What a cool(in so many ways) place to visit. Loved Buster's latest post.


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