Sunday, August 28, 2011


Hurricane Irene was not as terrifying as billed in the media.

I took the dog out this morning. Streets pretty much deserted except for another dog owner.

Wet, wet, wet, but not too much wind in Chelsea.

Bad phone photos since the real camera is sensitive to water.

So, I headed home

and looked at the wet sidewalk out of the window.

Some places are having awful flooding problems so we hope the wretched storm goes away soon. Thanks to everyone who sent good wishes!


  1. So relieved to hear you and the family are well and thanks for the glimpse of the hurricane hitting your neighborhood. Keep well and dry.x

  2. the movement in your images adds to the moment...hope you're ok and stay that way....

  3. I am so angry right now I could spit. All the hype and over-reacting. It is nothing more than a rainy day here in Boston. And for that they canceled my flight to SF for a much needed vacation. TOMORROW no less when the sun will be shining! I need to calm down..............

  4. Elizabeth, I think I must have slept through all of Irene's power play.

    Now, here we sit in another muggy day, hoping that those areas affected by flooding and downed trees will have quick recoveries. I also hope that the subway system will be able to be returned to us tomorrow.

    Your action photos are swell, and really tell the story of this morning in New York. xo

  5. You must be very grateful for non-event. It's a hard call for the authorities as "they're damned if they do and damned if they don't" take safety measures seriously. Mother nature is so unpredictable - probably best to have erred on the side of caution.

    Normality (and blogging) returns, thankfully - could have been so much worse!

  6. I rather like the photos. They look/feel like rain coming down.

    As for people getting upset at the warnings I find that living in the dangerous wildfires area, when they tell you to leave you leave, when you come back you are happy to be alive and sad because you have lost everything you owned.
    If they didn't plan on the worst then everyone would be mad over loss of live and property.
    Six of one half a dozen of the other.

    But most of all I am so happy your all safe !
    The view you have from your windows is wonderful !

    woof from Watson and Hamish
    cheers, parsnip

  7. Thank you for all the kind comments!
    Yes, we would much rather be safe than horribly inconvenienced by being ill-prepared.
    It's now Sunday afternoon and you would scarcely know anything had happened except for the scattering of tree branches and leaves all over the place.

    Roberta: I do hope you get to go on vacation soon!

  8. I'm glad to hear you are well, and hoping the storm wont destroy to much in NY:)

  9. Yes, I'm so glad to see that the terrible storm that was expected was not so terrible after all : ) Good pictures, use my phone for pics al the time now, pretty good quality and not so many gadgets.

  10. So glad to know things are not as terrible as first expected. I've been thinking about all my East Coast friends for the past few days. Too bad you can't send some of that rain our way; we'd be glad to share it with you.

  11. I´m glad, everything went allright. Strange to see NY streets so empty...

    Anyway, I think it´s better this way? Better over-react than feel later sorry.

  12. the city looks really abandoned on the pictures!

  13. I love the look of those photos, and am so glad you and the city survived pretty much unscathed.

  14. So glad it wasn't as bad as expected. We had been looking forward to a visit (here in Calif.) from my niece (in N.Y.) She had reservations for the very night of the hurricane last week. So, of course, she didn't make it. So, even we on the west coast were slightly affected. She'll be coming this week so all is well on both coasts. I shouldn't say all is well as some people really had it bad.

  15. Wet, wet, wet! Yes, only the owners and their dogs were out in the rain on Saturday and they were the first ones out on Sunday. I'm glad it's all over with and we're all safe and sound. Does Buster like to walk in the rain?

  16. Sorry to read about the flooding, but happy to read all is okay in your corner.

    Great captures.

  17. The phone photos somehow add to the mood. I heard this morning that if the rain we got was snow, it would have been 300 feet. Good it doesn't snow in August.

  18. It definitely wasn't as bad as forecast, but better safe than sorry!


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