Monday, August 15, 2011

Supermarket in New Jersey

Supermarkets in the suburbs are so splendidly vast and the aisles
 filled with old ladies with large carts dithering. You can buy such an 
 assortment of things that us city types are amazed.

Not to mention what you can buy as you try to escape....

 balls that bounce and bounce !

and crazy putty and a very small duck encased in plastic
 with the parking lot reflected in them .

Back at the ranch, the dolls are getting gussied up for a new outing.


  1. First photo looks like it was taken in another decade - 60's/70's perhaps.

  2. Hi there,
    I simply love the supermarkets in New Jersey!!!! Hope your weather over there is better than the summer here .... rain, rain, rain. Hugs Myriam

  3. I am one of those ladies who dithers, especially now I have my ninety year old mum in tow pushing her walker or "bike" as she likes to call it!

    Of course you could not possibly throw away those dolls, they would never forgive you. I have just watched Toy Story Three, the joys of being a grandma.

  4. Interesting blog post! I don't like to buy in large supermarkets, it takes too much time away from me :)

  5. Oh I love supermarkets in other countries - thanks for the tour.

  6. love seeing all these colorful images on such a dreary day.

  7. Ladies dithering, balls that bounce and bounce, dolls getting gussied up...what a great post!

    It ALMOST makes me want to visit New Jersey. :-)

  8. Good fun photographic tour of the supermarket.

  9. New Jersey, so near and yet so very far away.

    We have had two strange and very rainy days here in NYC...and all that strange rain does seem to have arrived from New Jersey.

    Central Park is deeply, deeply green. Heavily wet branches have fallen from the trees, and the pathways are a bit muddy. Still, it's quite beautiful and better than having an August parching.


  10. Ooooo I love that word "dithering" :) I really like that top image, at the checkouts....the filter is fantastic...

  11. Love that first image, full of stories and colors, only in America, truly! :-)

    Last summer, I visited a friend in Provence and she took me to a supermarkt somewhere between Marseille and Aix-en-Provence. I have never seen anything like it, no, not even in the States! It was so large, really grand, like a city lined with row upon row of splendid food offerings (way larger than any Costco too!). The aisles of yogurt alone stretched for what seemed like miles, yogurt in any imaginable container, from plastic to glass to very stylish looking black shiny ceramic pots (I keep one in my bathroom, looks as if Conrans designed it).

  12. this is a god send blog for me :D I love NY but have never been there....the high fashion, empire state and all the good tv shows based around NY have certainly made NY on my travel so happy to be here (reading your blog) :D cheers!

  13. Wait a minute - what's New Jersey doing in an 'About New York' blog? I used to live in Jersey, don't see why anyone would want to go there.

  14. New Jersey is in the EU these countries do not get a lot of respect, but for those in the know, this is a wonderful tourist destination and a great place to call home. Saddled with negative stereotypes portrayed in popular culture as the soprano and the focus of national nuclear power plants.

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