Friday, August 26, 2011

Pretty Clouds

Our usual Tuesday at the beach with

particularly lovely clouds.

Lots of people enjoying the end-of-summer, last-days-of-the-vacation fun.

Even old people enjoy the beach.....

Then the lovely clouds

followed us home.

As for the approaching storm.....well it is a bit worrying.....


  1. The first picture is in particular great!

  2. Lovely pix -
    hope the storm will hit you not too bad!
    Enjoy the weekend

  3. Hope those lovely beaches don't take too big a hit. I guess this is when the term "hunker down" applies to your part of the world. Stay safe!

  4. What a lovely beach.... it always looks not super crowded.
    So glad your having your floors done before the storm come raging in....
    What timing, right ?

    But, kidding aside, I hope you all will be fine and the storm fizzles out.
    Keeping finger crossed !

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Wait a minute...those people do NOT look old! :-)

    I'm with everyone else hoping that the coastline and neighborhoods are spared from the extreme storms this weekend.

    Take care!

  6. Love clouds and these are beauties. How wonderful to go to the beach every Tuesday!

  7. Stunning skies and what a lovely beach too!

    Fingers crossed the storm will skirt you all.

  8. I agree with Jo. Those folks are not old...or at least they look younger than I am.

    Yes, it will be fascinating to see how Hurricane Irene reaches us. NYC definitely is try to officially show that it is prepared.


  9. Beautiful clouds! Yes the storm sounds very scary. It looked like it was due with you tomorrow? Take care-stay indoors I would say!

  10. What a wonderful looking beach.

    Yes they were David Austin roses the new ones.

    Watching the news and thinking of you and trusting you are not badly affected by the hurricane Elizabeth.


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