Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Warm Day on the High Line

Well, the sun does sometimes shine

And the High Line (in its third year)

has become a stunningly popular place to relax at lunchtime.

It isn't exactly a beach

but the new water feature is perfect for cooling city feet.

Really it's a magic juxtaposition of urban and country.
May the sunshine continue.



  1. The High Line looks rather marvellous. Glad the sun's shining today. It's dry here too, but not warm enough to warrant a water feature.

  2. Its a joy to see the green anywhere Elizabeth, even if it is surrounded by concrete. What a relief ! You are looking for the sun and we are hoping for some rain.

    hope you are doing fine Elizabeth

  3. I've read about the High Line. Anything cool and green in NYC is bound to be popular. Yesterday sun here in nw Ohio and now a return to rain. Tis the season.

  4. Ah, the Highline!

    We had a lovely time when we went there last year, although it was steaming hot at the time!

    I also remember with great delight some rather lovely cupcakes we had from an outdoor stall there, they were delicious!

    I got some great pictures and look at them often!

  5. I have read about The High Line and seen photos. What a fabulous idea to use the elevated track of a green space in the city !

    The water feature is indeed perfect, and chance to see and be near water on a summers day is great.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. Lovely to see some summery pics. We had May's weather in April and are experiencing October's weather in May! Cold, wet and wind speeds of between 80-114 miles per hour this week. What's going on?

  7. I wish that I had been there with you. But don't you wish that they had left some parts of it exactly the way it originally evolved? Just debris and volunteer plants. That would be a counterpoint.

  8. The High Line looks intriguing ... and a great place to chill out. Thank you for sharing as it is really interesting to see how others are living.

  9. Nothing better than warm weather, greens and bare feet.

  10. What a gorgeous place you live in. I would love to be there...

  11. A fun spot to enjoy the sun even if crowded. Always good to cool ones feet in cool water.


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