Monday, May 16, 2011

Dream Windows

Bergdorf's up near Central Park

What a lion!

and  metallic sorts of dresses too

 with details and ruffles 

In ABC Carpet, instead of a carpet, there is earth in the window
 with marigolds growing beneath the picnic table.


  1. To my eye, Bergdorf's windows are the superstars, where over the top design meets exquisite taste and great knowlege of art history.

    Have to say that the folks responsible for the Anthropology windows are also star quality, with their ability to recyle mundane materials into elegant concepts. Straw into gold.

    I remember years ago when the major shops near the corner of Fifth Avenue and 57th Street used to change their windows on the same night every week. Possibly Thursday night, not sure. Anyhow, it was such fun to drift by that intersection and see the best merchandisers in New York creating magic under glass, in a graceful competitive spirit.

    Those were the days...or nights.


  2. after all that adhesive attention, the workman responsible for dream window number one has master the art of shiny zen and were i more evolved that's where I'd stay. Sadly, I'm battling the hungry ghost that is all about the ruffles of window penultimate. yum and sighing.

  3. I miss being able to walk around and see beautiful shop windows.

    Oh to be young and thin again to wear the dress on the right of the third photo !

    Fabulous !

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Wow, a mosaic lion made with mirror pieces. That could not escape my attention..xo, from Italy

  5. Sometimes I wonder if people still spend a surplus of time creating intricate and amazing things as they did a few decades ago. Then I see things like that mosaic lion and wonder, "how many hours?" Yes, the passion to create is still out there.

    Yes, and the sparkles and ruffles and windows full of live growing marigolds say the same thing.

  6. Beautiful post! Your photos are amazing, and I especially loved the one from ABC Carpet...I spent many lovely afternoons there while my daughter was over at American Ballet Theater taking class!

    Is Fish's Eddy still on the corner? I loved their windows, as well.

    Love, love, love this blog...thank you!

  7. Beautiful post Elisabeth.
    Thanks for your nice comment in my blog today. I appreciate it:)
    Have a nice day.
    Greetings from,

  8. What fun these windows are- reminds me of Venice over the top windows! Wouldn't it be fun to be given one to decorate!

  9. Comme je suis nulle en anglais, je vous dis en Français combien vos photos du quotidien me touchent...

    Les fleurs des villes, les surprises suspendues au bulding sont ce que j'aime...

    Merci de nous faire partager votre sensibilité...

    J'habite à Paris (en banlieue proche, très proche) et je cherche aussiles cailloux et les fleurs des trottoirs...

    A bientôt.

  10. Yes, gorgeous and dream windows, Elizabeth! The lion is just stunning!
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful post.

  11. Very creative place. Love those windows.

  12. Interesting pics and alarming window cleaners below I agree. Makes my knees tingle to see them up tall buildings.

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