Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Rather Alarming Career Choice

This might be terrific fun

if you were terribly brave and didn't mind heights
and liked rappelling down tall buildings.

I do hope they pay them very good wages and provide

excellent health insurance.


  1. wellll
    not me either...


    wouldn't it
    B Great Fun
    to peak


    {{ you know
    i would }}

  2. Alarming yes ! but oh so fun to wash windows in such a beautiful building.
    I would love to live there.

    I am so weird... I see buildings and I think... Oh I would move right in and have a studio there, kitchen there... oh to dream.
    There is a restaurant down the street from me that I would move into even where it is in a second !

    Wonderful photos today !

    cheers, parsnip

  3. There's a reason why I live in a ONE story house :)

  4. An awesome job in so many ways. Awesome amount of windows.
    Awesome view.
    Awesome physiques on the washers. Awesome nerves of steel.

    Awesome pictures.

    Did I mention they were awesome?

  5. Ah, Elizabeth, you are inviting me to get on to my soapbox.

    Who indeed would do this work if they might be able to find another kind of work that paid the same?

    These folks might not have insurance, might not get lots of training, might not ... well, might not lots of things.

    Personally, I would not want to do this work, and find it astounding that some do it on the 30th, 40th, 50th, and above, floors of buildings.

    I wonder what the average age is of these folks who remain anonymous to many of us.

    Let me stop before I go into full rant mode.


  6. Ah, dear! I do not think they are very well payed. But they are certainly not afraid. Frankly, I am not even able to take such pictures on the heights. Nice sunday to you!

  7. I noticed another thing-Lukoil in NY???

  8. YIKES!




    (I cling to
    the wall even
    as I look up)

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