Friday, May 6, 2011

Not Exactly Sissinghurst: or Against All Odds

Not having a garden is very frustrating --so the intrepid ladies of Chelsea set forth in the pouring rain

to Union Square green market and purchase cheerful daisies and pansies.
The next day

they plant them round three trees.

This does not look thrilling --yet.

 The plants will have to contend with:

traffic fumes
dog pee
cigarette butts
banana peels
chewing gum etc etc.
But hope springs eternal in the human breast.

A guerilla gardener of my acquaintance has adopted the medians at 9th Avenue and 25th Street.

He is wonderfully ambitious and is building on his last year's success.
Will keep you posted on how we all get on.


  1. What a lovely idea and I love the sign "Feet kill Flowers".

    Now I didn't know New Yorkers had such smelly feet!!!

  2. Great to plant flowers in the street. I saw it done in our big cities like Rotterdam en Amsterdam.Tiles from the pavement in front of houses were removed and plants and flowers were put in the soil instead.The result is stunning.

  3. Bravo!! Spreading beauty all around!

    Wishing you the best on the big art show!! Have fun!

  4. Nice way to bring a bit of cheer to otherwise dismal spots.

  5. The very best of gardening luck.

  6. Elizabeth, isn't it great that so many NYC streets do have some flowers blooming here and there?

    We've got pansies and azaleas outside my building, and along the block are other plantings. It really does soften up the concrete!


  7. Wonderful !
    Keep us posted !

    There are a few places I would love to guerilla garden in Tucson and if I was a-bit more mobile I would. Even just whacking down the dry weed would help.
    I must say even with a extremely small budget The City Of Tucson does a good job at keeping things looking pretty good.

    fun post today.

    cheers, parsnip

  8. My garden is nothing to write home about just now.

    And even though it IS Mothers Day weekend - the date they say you can plant - I think I'll err on the safe side and plant next weekend.

    Beautiful post though!


  9. Love it that you are a gorilla gardener Elizabeth - bon courage!

  10. Small but I am sure it was worth effords

  11. Wow what your doing is so great! I have really been wanting to garden too, no room in my yard with a pool and alot of concrete. I have applied for a plot in the community garden in my city and can't wait to get planting!!! (Possibly a 6 -12 month wait list) Until then doing a little container gardening.

  12. This is funny. Now you are ringing up my memories. I grew up quite close to Sissinghurst. Just a lovely place. I can still recall my great aunt taking cuttings and wrapping them in a damp towel which she kept in her purse.....

    Really like the idea of urban gardens

  13. So nice that they do that I think.


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