Friday, May 27, 2011

Ladies who Lunch

 English ladies like to wear hats.

They even wear hats while eating --something I can't manage. 

The luncheon is in aid of an old people's home 

so there are menus to be studied and raffle tickets bought.

There is serious discussion

and a 'fascinator' shown off.

The hat that got my prize as the most fetching.

Though this  little one is charming too.

All photos shot at the National Arts Club.
Thursday May 26th.


  1. I wouldn't wear a hat while I am eating but probably traditions are different all over the world:)
    very good report!

  2. What fun to dress up to lunch for a good cause!

    I do believe I recognized a beautiful mutual friend of ours amongst the lovely ladies.


  3. Thank you for the little fashion show....gotta love all those hats!

  4. Looks a very nice "Ladies who Lunch". So many elegant hats...

  5. Hats seem to be all the rage this spring. Wonderful chapeau shots!

  6. I'm not sure the milner has been born that could make me look good in a hat. So envious!

  7. A delightful collection of pictures.

  8. Wonderful photos !
    So many lovely ladies wearing charming hats.

    Did you wear one too ?

    cheers, parsnip

  9. Such a different world from here. Baseball caps and cowboy hats on females wouldn't turn a head, but if a lady walked into a room wearing any of those beautiful creations it would stop the show.

  10. Brilliant! I just love it. I love hats but get scared of wearing them. I would have loved to lunch in a hat ... very eccentric!

    Have you read the short story by Edith Wharton called 'Xingu'?

  11. I adore the very Victorian deeply lowered hat in the fourth mysterious!

    Hats make everyone look so much more 'put together' don't they? I once wore a broad brimmed hat with a sundress (simply to protect my sunburned neck) while shopping one day, and had people asking me if I was a model!

    If you enjoy attention, wear a hat!

  12. bravo ! vos photos sont magnifiques, drôles, tendres et efficaces

    Cordialement de France

  13. Even took my hat off at my daughter's wedding breakfast.

    Those fascinators are all the rage here.

  14. All ladies are looking gorgeous...Lovely..


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