Saturday, February 7, 2009

Possible Occupations

If I were a firefighter I could spend Saturday morning washing my house. Such fun to have a really powerful hose.

If I were a princess I could lie in my pretty pink bed..............

.... devouring book upon book.

Working at Zaro's bakery would allow me  to keep company with cheery Lady Liberty.

I suppose I could sell shoes, but this wouldn't be my top choice of occupation.

Flowers are more like it.

When I die, I hope it's like Joe Ades who died in his bed at 75. We will miss his colorful banter.


  1. Yes, hats off to Joe Ades! He reminds me of a fellow who used to appear every summer on The Great Lawn, selling something or other while we all dilly-dallied before a concert.
    Loved your newfound occupations. I did a post in Dec. "The life I didn't lead"..title Miss Marple. Guess what that was?

  2. I would like to be employed as a blogger-looker-atter- and have my flowers before I die.

  3. I very much enjoyed reading about Joe Ades, Elizabeth. And really enjoyed all the wonderful photos of NY. Happy Sunday to you! xo

  4. great photos,I love visiting your blog....Barb

  5. I'll take the princess part and the pink bed..and flowers anytime. Happy Sunday :D

  6. Elizabeth, your tribute to Joe (though I might still think of him as Freddy) was marvelous.

    Every one of us might think of his joy and energy, and generous way of drawing in an audience and delighting them ... every time we need to take a peeling from a carrot.

    Any who saw this man will appreciate my words ... or so I do hope!


  7. What an interesting man! Thanks for sharing this bit!
    Loved the rest of the pictures too...the firefighter picture was my favorite....not sure about the occupation though!!

  8. Hello dear Elizabeth, what a fun list of possibilities. Of course, I'm with you. Much better to sell flowers than shoes! Actually I did sell flowers at the Flower Lady on an outdoor stand in Coronado. I was taking a break from my Master's degree studies...and the atmosphere was delightful.

    I made daisy flower baskets and assembled beautiful bunches to give to lovely people who passed the day chatting with me. It was a fun way to spend the day. I met a dear friend from England there too...we still keep in touch. She was on an extended holiday, too. We had such a good time living a bit of our lives outside in the sun surrounded by the fragrance of flowers. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! <3

  9. I like the princess bed and the books and being remembered like Joe Ades!

  10. rip joe ades! i love the tribute, i must have walked by him so many times!

  11. btw i just put up a carrot tribute, kind of in memorium..

  12. Hard to chose .. I think I would like the bakery .. nice smells and people who arent in a BIG hurry

  13. if I had Mr. Ades talents I think his must have been an interesting life!
    Thanks for a great post.


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