Saturday, February 14, 2009

More Pink

What a hat to celebrate Valentine's Day! (14th Street and 4th Avenue.)

Yesterday evening the Empire State Building was lit up.
Why is it pink, red and white? Robert asks
He takes this photo anyway........

At 5:30 yesterday afternoon, it was naturally astoundingly rose from the rays of the setting sun.
How romantic....
Beverly of How Sweet the Sound often kindly invites me to join Pink Saturday.
 Usually New York isn't the pinkest of cities.... today is the exception. 
Go here to see more participants.

These pink beaded animals live in ABC carpet but they originally came from Africa.

I think this one is looking for love.

On Broadway and 20th Streets they have wrapped an entire building in a sort of plastic skin.
Wierd -- but definitely half pink.

Such pink cakes in Zaro's!


  1. Oh dear Elizabeth, I must have that chapaeu en rose...may your inner child be delighted today and everyday! <3

    Btw I had to contact Amazon for my order (your book)...they are delaying past the point of patience...I have four books that are up to three and a half months late.

  2. I love those African beaded animals - and I am quite partial to that pink cake!

  3. I laughed when I read that NY is not a pink city normally -- how true! -- but you definitely found it everywhere! Havea great V Day yourself!

  4. I love all your pinks for today but I like the pink cake the best!

  5. The older I get the more I like PINK.....

  6. Wonderful pix .. yummy looking cake .. voice is still not working but I do look forward to catching up when you get back!

  7. Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Valentine's Day Elizabeth!


  8. I love all the pink ... and the green, as in the stem on the cake rose, and of course in the name Walgreen's.

    My teachers taught me that green was the color of the heart chakra. It's healing but also allows one to take 'the next step' - whatever that means.

    Pink is the color of your love for yourself, or so my teachers said. So pink up, girlfriend! Happy Valentine's Day!

  9. More happy Valentine's wishes for you too!!

  10. Why it's the Big Pink Apple! Lovely - especially the delicious looking cakes, of course - but I love the pink chapeau - it screams BE MINE!

    Happy V Day!

  11. We can always count on you to find the magic of the city. Just like you did in Marrakesh.
    Pink is definitely in the air!
    Happy Valentine's Day my dear Elizabeth!

  12. happy valentines day, love the empire state building and that last little cake!

  13. perfechat and perfect dessert for a perfect valentine's day !
    Happy pink valentine's day

  14. I've always loved NYC at Valentine's Day! The Cakes! The flowers! Wish I was there. Have a lovely weekend, Elizabeth!

  15. love the idea of being able to pick up a hat at Walgreens - photo of the rosy E Building is just fabulous - Happy V Day!

  16. Happy Valentine's Day, Elizabeth! That Zaro's cake looks de-e-e-lish.

  17. Elizabeth...THANK YOU for all this wonderful PINK! Happy Valentine's Day to you!!

    I ADORE the beaded animals!!


  18. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your sweetheart!

  19. I love the hats and of course you always take us on a great tour,happy valentines day...Barb

  20. Great pink pictures I've got an award for you dear Elizabeth

  21. Two cheering posts ...

    The world is full of a number of things
    And I think we should all be as happy as kings

    -----Robert Louis Stevenson

    It's good to be reminded that even though things are pretty f-----d up right now, it's okay to take a little time to be happy.

  22. LOVED this post!
    Happy day and night..
    xo bj

  23. Happy Valentines Day and hope your
    Pink Saturday was a lovely one. I enjoyed your photos..that cake looks wonderful..:)

  24. Wonderful, Elizabeth. You make me so homesick for Manhattan! I love the feathery hat. I also like the pictures of the ES building. I remember when I lived there about the different colors for each different holiday.

    Hope you have a wonderful Pink Saturday!

  25. Happy Pink Saturday, oh, and ♥Valentine's Day♥ too!! What a beautiful pink day today. Thanks so much!

    PS: A little late. Spent the day and evening yesterday with my little grandsons. Nothing like three, handsome men for distraction!

  26. ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*´¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·´ Happy Pink Saturday and Valentine's Day
    Deanna :D

  27. Don't ya just love the hat??!! Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  28. Does it say something about me, that I love that steer? Or, cow? Or whatever it is?

    Love your lilies from today, too! And you know the shadows float my boat.


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