Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Muddled Post/ The 6th Picture

Luckily, blogging has no particular rules and bloggers can post whatever they want.
However, people are a bit scared by the utterly random and sort of like rules -- so they invent them.
I like to post pictures taken within the last 48 hours and, since my title is About New York, I try to use pictures taken there.
Herewith someone feeding a parking meter on 8th Avenue. I liked the color of her hat.

The local florist is decorating his window in anticipation of Valentine's day. I was out searching for pink.  We needed pink yesterday.
That out of the way.

When I got home I  read Willow's post about blue and white china.
When injured,  my  blue and white mugs go and live in the study as pencil/pen holders on the shelf where all sorts of bits and bobs live. 
Then I saw that Cynthia of Oasis Writing Link had tagged me to blog about the 6th photo in my 6th photo folder. This turned out to be the photo below.

This is a picture of the tomb of Moulay Bouzerktoun -- a moulay being a holy man. It overlooks the sea in the village of the same name some 25 km. North of Essouira on the Atlantic Coast of Morocco. It is one of my favorite places in the world.
When we lived in Morocco, we used to come here pretty often. A very tiny village. The beach almost always deserted. I think I could live here.

Looking down at the beach from the cafe high above the Atlantic. Only one small figure on the sand.
Lots of bookish people like Bee and Sarah have been posting book reviews.
In keeping with this theme, I'd like to recommend Tahir Shah's enchanting and alarming  The Caliph's House a wonderfully written account of his restoration of a haunted house in Casablanca. He captures precisely the sheer battiness, hideous frustrations and delights of so quixotic a scheme.


  1. Lovely pictures of both places elizabeth. I have been to Essaouira once a few years ago when I was visiting Marrakech - lovely places both.

  2. I like your muddled post.

    I really want to be on that beach North of Essouira...

  3. I DO live there. In my dreams. And very muddled dreams they are too! Muddled is good. Love the lady's jacket - reminds me of the sun.

  4. Elizabeth, We went from New York everyday- to the tomb of Moulay Bouzerktoun -and then the Moroccian beach´s like taking an interesting trip through someone else´s thoughts. I like it that your 6th photo was of a Holy person´s resting place! Do you think you could live in such quiet? It is quite a contrast from the hustle and bustle of New York.

  5. It is always nice to add some colour and warmth into the wintry mix!

    Over lunch with friends, there were numerous complaints about replacing windows in aged houses - a "project" that one of us has just endured and the other is about to endure. I think that I would prefer to read about that sort of thing (than to live it) in The Caliph's House. Thanks for the shout-out . . . and here goes a bit more self-promotion: I've just finished my M post. Such fun! (And much easier than a book review.)

  6. My injured mugs hold pencils and things, too. I even have a huge crock of broken plates and dishes because I can't bring myself to throw them out. I need to do something creative with the pieces. Maybe tile a wall with them or something?

  7. My damaged mugs get used as pencil holders as well! I am loving all the colour in today's post.

  8. Very beautiful pictures again...

  9. Oooh that 6th picture! Still snow here!

  10. Dear Elizabeth,
    Came by your blog via Janelle's. I loved your comment about the NY lady's diet requirements :). Really enjoyed your blog post and look forward to catching up on more. Photographing the lady at the parking meter, I loved that, because it's capturing every day life,the moment. I enjoyed every minute I was in NY, but it was just for a few days as a surpirse b'day gift, lucky me, would love to return. Will read more and pleased to read you.

  11. Elizabeth, I enjoy your photos random or not. It is funny how we make up rules and structure for our blogs where none exists. Your Moroccan photos warmed me up today. I practically got frostbite feeding the meter in Portland. Restoring a haunted house in Casablanca? You always suggest such original books.

  12. loved the randomness! variety is the spice of life!


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