Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Westminster Dog Show

Dog #1.
This is a long post with lots of pictures.
Yesterday I went to the Dog Show.
I did not look at the judging since everyone knows that their own dog is positively the best and most beautiful dog on the planet.
However, just for fun, please vote below on the one of these who charmed you most.

Dog #2
Odd how people, even the girl above, seem to pick dogs who echo them.

Dog #3
Certainly something to look at. What are those balls on his hips?

Dog #4
A Brittany but the same color as the Welsh Springer Spaniels I grew up with. (Sob).

Dog #5
I asked the owner if this dog needed lots and lots of excercise and she said that actually, after a normal sort of walk, he liked lying around sleeping.

Dog #6
.... looks as if he is smiling and very noble too.

Dog #7
....was 6 years old and looks like a puppy. A Norfolk terrier.

Dog #8
....was enjoying ice cream. About a zillion people reminded her not to let the dog eat the chocolate. I think the owner gets points for her coat.

Dog #9
This young owner was waiting to show his dog.

I bought my son a Dogs Rule T-shirt and was given lots of free samples for Joba.


  1. Funny how you posted this today and last night my husband, my daughter, and I were watching the Dog Show on television. Do I really have to pick one???? I like them all. My daughter Cat would have loved to have been there with you :)

  2. well there you have some lovely shooting dogs! people sometimes believe the dachshund is a nice little pet to keep in the sofa. nothing could be more the opposite. the power between the jaws of this breed is extremely big. bigger than the german sheperd in fact.

  3. How fun is this? I LOVE the dog show. Never been in person, but love to watch on TV. My choice would be #2, who does look amazingly like his man!

  4. #2 Looks like his/her owner! MM of NY

  5. #5... because he likes to sleep and probably wouldn't need much exercise!

    However i am a big fan of #8 particular if he comes with the owners dazzling coat.

  6. How FUN! Yes, you're right. We all think our dogs are winners.

    I took both dogs on Saturday for grooming at this new (and expensive) place. It was worth it, though. They look good and smell much, much better. Whew!

    Happy Tuesday.


  7. What a show! Oh that doggy even got to eat a Dove bar- ice cream- so indulged! ha And I thought dogs were not suppose to have chocolate? I like your comment, "everyone knows their dog is the best." What a great way to look at dog shows...so appreciative...no contest. We have many dogs and each one is a honey to me. They need a lot of love since they all were once abandoned by their former owners. <3

  8. I am SO confused .. wasnt the dog show on Thanksgiving day right after the Macy's Parade and before they aired Miracle on 34th Street for the gazillionth time?

  9. these are great shots--lucky you! that poodle is...unbelievable.
    i must watch it tonight!

  10. Fabulous, absolutely LOL. I have always told my son that one of the laws of the universe is that dogs and owners look alike. And here it is, once again, QED. Have you seen "Best of Show"?

  11. #5 would be "my dog." I seem to be very tired these days. #7 for cuteness. Can't bear those shorn poodles - I find them creepy.

    What a fun post! Some doggy goodness is needed to offset all of the sad Australian fire posts.

  12. I kinda love the popsicle photo myself!

  13. Number two! Number two! I think he's the cutest. What a fun thing to do - I've never been to the dog show.

  14. The eyes have it, that is of dog #2. They have a meekness about them that I like.

  15. Numbers 2 and 6 tie for first place with me, Elizabeth. It is the eyes that have it.

  16. What happened to the Boston Terriers? If I had to pick on of the dogs pictured I'd choose #6. Very cute doggie. Lori

  17. Just noticed that dog #7 is eating chocolate? I thought its bad for them?

  18. Oh!! I'm so jealous Elizabeth! I dream of going to the Westminster dog show someday.

    That's right we are in February, it's always at the beginning of this month. And the fun part is that is a benched show so you get to go behind the scenes and see all the dogs, my favorite part.

    Aren't they all adorable!? I love the Italian Spinone, thats they guy laying on the floor on the pic. Or maybe he is an Otterhound.. it's hard to tell in the picture. Its true, they don't need that much exercise. At least not as much as other breeds.

    And aren't the eyes of the Irish Wolfhound the most soulful you've seen? They are huge dogs and such sweet hearts! Too bad they don't get to live that long. :o(

    THANKS so much for posting these pics Elizabeth!!
    Made me help pretend I was there :o)


  19. I love the Scottish Deerhound (or is it a small Irish Wolfhound)?
    We love to watch this show on television and also really enjoyed the mockumentary, "Best in Show".
    Thanks for letting us walk through the aisles in a small way.


  20. I know I'm in the minority but I've got to go with No 4 because I have a Brittany- but my Brittany has a spot right on the top of his head like an ON button- and that Norfolk Terrier is awfully cute too.

  21. Oh, what people DO to dogs.... YIKES, that poodle! My vote goes to number five - he/she looks so utterly unpeturbed by all the hustle and bustle.

  22. Have you guys seen this hysterical video from the Garden?

    msg.com/dogs it's a doggie glam cam!

  23. hmm is this the same video you showed?

    Dog Show Video
    Too bad I wish I went this year.. I was too lazy!
    I found this on madison square garden's blog also with other photos of the winners plus a backstage video of the dog's getting prepared yesterday.
    so adorable

    Westminster Photos

  24. This is too damn cute! I didn't make it this year but I usually go..They are all so precious!!

    I just found madison square garden's blog post with other photos of the
    winners plus a backstage video of the dog's getting prepared yesterday!!!



  25. I'm late -- I like dog # 5 but I like the silver jacket on the ice cream lady, lol.

  26. That's so neat that you went to Westminster! I want to go someday. I love dogs. I love your photos of those great dogs too. Thanks for taking us there!

  27. I'd pick Number 5, but really I'd take them all if I could. And then I'd give you the Brittany to remind you of childhood!! You are so fortunate to be able to attend the show!

  28. I am unable to pick a dog, all of them are so cute!
    One D'Ora participated in a (very small) dog show and won a price. She was so proud :)

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  31. Oh my Goodness! The Poodle is to just fabulous and fierce!

  32. OK... all the dogs get a Gold Medal to me!

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