Monday, February 9, 2009

Exotic Queens

It takes a certain amount of pressure to pry inert Manhattanites to the outer boroughs. 
The subways and street numbering are weird. 
Subways are horribly unreliable on Sundays.......
When we get to Roosevelt Avenue, we find a shop window full of pole-dancing figurines.
(Never saw that in Manhattan.) 

On Roosevelt Avenue we pass a man making bicycles out of wire.
They are charming.
I say to R. we should buy one on the way back. We turn and buy one right then. 
The artist asks $5 which we think an excellent price.
We go to Arunee a Thai Restaurant on 79th Street.

 We eat red curry with avacado and courgettes.

And green curry with chicken, bamboo and potato. Sticky rice.
R. and D. have Thai beer.
We tell D. about the man with the bicycles and she buys one too.

For dessert D. takes us to La Flor under the el on 53rd Street.
The afternoon has turned chilly so they make us hot choc with cinnamon in the Mexican style.
We eat flan and cheese cake.
We waddle to the subway and don't need dinner at all.


  1. The wire bicycle is wonderful and a steal for $5! That is some amazing looking Thai food. wow.

  2. Your entire day (sigh) you live like everyday is a holiday in wonderland, at least your photos say so. Very entertaining- I would have a little wire bicycle for everyone, please...and a pole dancer for my son's valentine gift. Excellent day in spite of sunday's Subway.

  3. Oh wow! I walked past Arunee on Saturday on my way to meet my mother on 82nd street and wondered how the food would be.

  4. The best sort of eating is to stuff yourself in the afternoon and then let it all settle (and skip dinner -- and its preparation and clean-up).

    The little bicycles are truly charming. Perhaps you could "peddle" them via blog?

    The plastic pole dancers were something else -- and inspired an excellent title!

  5. What an exotic and fun time you had, Elizabeth. The food, the dancers, the hot chocolate at Flor's, that bargain of a great bicycle...I'm so glad you know how to enjoy everything around you! xox Isabel

  6. Oooh, lovee my meander round Queens 'with' you! Was the bicycle made by one of my fellow countrymen - I rather suspect it may have been? (I have a little zoo of exotic wire insects and birds etc., which I've collected over the years!)

    Your lunch sounds - and looks - delicious. What colour! Hmmm...

  7. When I was a little girl my mother wouldn't allow me to have a Barbie doll because she thought they were a tad risque. I wonder what she would have thought about the pole dancing dolls? Makes me laugh to think!

  8. If you are trying to whet my apetite for my forthcoming trip in May to N Y then you are succeeding elizabeth - can't wait to try those curries!

  9. Those pole dancers are a riot! & your dessert sounded scrumptious.

  10. I have an award for your Blooming Blog! Stop by to pick it up.

  11. Nice food and I like wire bicycles. Got one myself.
    Ah they getting the pole dancers etc out of amsterdam so they are moving to Manhatten :)

  12. Still taking photos of your meals. Thank you for the fun. Can almost smell the curry.

  13. I love Thai food! Thanks for sharing!

    Thank you for your condolences. Fortunately my daughter lives in the north of Queensland.

  14. What a fantastic day.

    I can't remember ... are courgettes what we call zucchini? (misspelled courgette).

    I love Thai food.

    Love the pole dancers.

  15. Wow, what a window display. The Thai food looks so yummy. LOL waddled to the subway.

  16. The first picture is exotic alright..wont find such sights here for sure. Ah, Thai fave, I'll be eating all week long from this Saturday onwards...when I am in Bangkok soon. Thai beer, was it Singha?

  17. Sounds like a perfect day.

    Love the pole dancing window display! Ha!

    The wire bikes are great....and I get Thai food tomorrow night....hurrah!

  18. oh. mygosh. guess how many thai restaurants there are in my neck of the woods! Zippo! Goose egg!

    I desperately miss Penang.... not to mention the gift wrapped-wallpapered indian holes-in-the-wall off 2nd ave....

  19. What a lovely outing!
    Love the bicycle. Would have bought one too.

    Mexican hot chocolate weather here too. *yikes*

  20. The bicycle is lovely, reminds me of that scene in The Fisher King in which Robin Williams (I Think) makes a chair out of champagne cork.

    The food looks tasty too.

  21. Mmmmm, what a delicious day you had. All that tasty food, and the pole dancers remind me of the movie "Lars and the Real Girl" for some reason!


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