Friday, February 6, 2009

Pink Dreams

Still too cold to do much wandering about, but being trapped at home is dull.
 Macy's is one subway stop away. I have left over gift cards. 
There is bound to be pink.
And bottles of perfume shaped like curvaceous ladies. 

Inside the shop, she has changed into her gold dress and is offering us a tray full of samples.

Here she is again amidst the bustle of the make-up department where lovely young people smile.

Cheryl (left) thinks I would look better with a little Coralista blusher on my winter white face.
She is really cheery and funny and not the least snooty like some cosmetics divas.
I tell her a story from years ago.
My mother daringly puts on a little blue eye shadow to go out to dinner with some women friends.
No one remarks on it.
Eventually she says: What do you think of my eyeshadow?
Judy Forsyth: Oh, we think it quite lovely, and it would be even lovelier on both eyes. 
(I do not come from a sophisiticated tribe.) 
Cheryl laughs. I get the blusher and a free pashmina and a free double lip gloss.

On the way home I am waylaid by young men in purple hats.


  1. What a productive day .. and a little beautification™ never hurts!

  2. I love that story about the eye shadow elizabeth - and the tour round Macy's - can't wait to come now - around the beginning of May.

  3. Oh my. I love it when I get free stuff when I am buying cosmetics!

    I love the story about the eyeshadow!

  4. Hello Elizabeth!
    My favorite part of Macy's on 34th St are the wooden escalators.

    Nice to see some bright colors in the cold gray of winter. The people you photographed were all good sports. :) Do you give them your blog URL so they can see their picture? I'm usually too shy to ask people I don't know to pose, but it does make a great photo.

    Enjoy the warmer weather we will be having this weekend!

  5. Averse to pink but keen on beautiful pictures like these. many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  6. Free pashmina and lip gloss! That's a bargoon!
    Love the classy lady in the gold gown. I enjoy your excursions, Elizabeth - good thing the subway is so handy.


  7. What a fun day! I love it when something reminds of a funny story about the past. I am delighted with my letter! At first I thought, there's not much to do with "W", but now I'm seeing W things everywhere.

  8. What a delightful outing! Vivid detail and a charming one-blue-shadowed-eye story! Adorable! I love the purple highlighted posing guys on the street. Not shy- hey, I'm here. Check me out! Friendly type. I thought you didn't like to walk up to people and ask if you could take their photo? Found your lost courage, Elizabeth?

  9. I love NY. Actually, who doesn't love it?

    Are you experiencing culture shock?

  10. LOL eye shadow story. So much pink in the midst of WInter!

  11. Very vivid pink dreams! Love it :)

  12. I love the story of your mother and the eyeshadow! Thanks for the afternoon smiles. :D

  13. Pink, purple and free frothy things . . . how wonderfully boosting to wintery spirits.

    BTW, I have just finished your book. LOVED it. Gobbled it up in less than 24 hours.

  14. utterly delightful. utterly! x j

  15. Oh and I liked the eyeshadow story too!

  16. I always run past the 'cosmetic divas' in our stores, at top speed! I don't spend a lot of time, or money on makeup, although as I get older, I can begin to see a possible need to change my ways! x

  17. Thos young men look a bit hobbit-ish to me.


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