Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Blog Fodder

I always carry my camera with me just in case I see something I like the look of.

On the way to the park with the dog, the virginia creeper looked picturesque.

On the way back from the park, I saw a man painting a wall white.

Later in the morning, I saw a cream colored table I coveted like mad in ABC Carpet, which is the sort of place you wander into and want to buy everything including the building itself.
 Most things are astoundingly expensive, though I did see a teeny tiny glass vase for $6. I could quite happily move in and live there.

This is in ABC looking down on a bar with lights reflected in glass.

Thence to Union Square (with nice puffs of steam)

where they have quinces

and pumpkins

and green stuff that is good for you

and pears galore. So with all this plethora and jumble of to make a post?
Some people wait until they have a sensible topic like BeeDrunken --who writes very elegantly. Some people give you useful information and instruct you. What's rather fun is that there is utterly no point at all in blogging unless you want there to be.


  1. All photos are great - as usual!
    Specially the man painting the wall white is quite a piece of art; really perfect in its athmosphere and deposition.

  2. I love your blog Elizabeth, even when you don't have much to say...your photos are awesome (my favorite this time was the man belongs in a magazine, really!) and I get to live in vicariously in NYC via your blog.

    : )

  3. With these photos, you don't have to say anything. What a wonderful collection.

  4. Your photos take me on trips that I welcome! I am a picture book sort of person anyway- too much text makes me grab the mouse and shake it down to zero!
    Dexter wonders if you make Buster eat the healthy green stuff- he make a face!
    I copied the white wall to my computer screen saver- awesome!

  5. Once again your photographs are amazing my favourite ones are the virginia creeper and the puff of steam. I love the colours and how the light captures the leaves and puffs of steam are so NY.

  6. I'm still stuck on ABC Carpet with the bottles and the table and that wonderful floor....Oh, yes...your posts are a gift for the eye! From the fine pastels of fading autumn leaves to the subtle shadows of the while wall. Keep on carrying that camera and sharing please.

  7. I so want to be on that walk with you. Especially if Buster was with us.

    I like your photo of the places and things you see. Quite wonderful !

    I have three days I post on my blog that do have vague outlines (in my mind) but that is all out the window by the word "random"
    I too love the photo of the man painting the white wall and the cream table is indeed lovely.

    cheers, parsnip

  8. The photos are great. I liked all of them. Why we blog is very subjective and, your take on the world is refreshing.Love the interesting things you see on a casual walk.

  9. Elizabeth, I completely agree with you about the eloquence of Bea's posts.

    Let's remember that your post is called About New York! That is where you take us each and every time. And I always wish that I'd been able to go along with you on your walks.

    My next chance to visit the Farmer's Greenmarket will be Saturday. Thank you for giving me a preview of what's on offer.


  10. A beautiful rainbow of photographs here, perfectly conveying the feeling of autumn in New York.

  11. I have been drooling over all these photos.

  12. Hi Elizabeth, I came across your blog today while 'blog-hopping'. I am also from England but have been living in Malaysia for the last 5 over years.

    I guess the moral of the story today is to always take your camera everywhere you go. I like the picture of the man painting the wall white.

    Keep in touch...
    Duncan In Kuantan

  13. Lovely photos - would love to visit NYC!


  14. these are really fun and interesting pics. enjoyed.

  15. Your photographs are so expressive, eah of a different mood. The first epitomises autumn brilliantly and I love viewing life from your lens1

    Thank you! And look at my guest post on Spangle's blog (The Oliva Reader) if you have a moment. She is running a grat series od guest posts 'A Chapter in my Life'.

  16. I love this post, life in all its randomness. And oh yes, Bee writes with such eloquence.

    Have a wonderful day!

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