Sunday, November 20, 2011

Chelsea on $150 0r Less

I'm often asked by English friends to be a sort of impromptu tour guide. What could one possibly do in New York without lashings of money?

Herewith some local suggestions.
1) Walk on the High Line --it really is a super way to see lots of New York sights without getting run over. And it's free!

You walk on an old railway line above the bustle of the street.

After that you will probably need a cup of tea...or coffee

2) so go to Bergamote on the corner of 9th Avenue and 20th street

and eat a wonderfully fattening cake.

After that......

you may need 
3) a dose of culture: 
(here the David Zwirner gallery on 19th Street and 10th Avenue)

 4) something to amuse you
and then

5) lunch or dinner at The Tipsy Parson

my latest favorite spot. 
Buster would like to follow Ms. Redjacket in but isn't allowed.

For all sorts of travel savings tips and vouchers go here


  1. I especially like the picture of the phone chatters and coffee drinkers! Very handsome pups waiting outside the Tipsy Parson. Taking notes for my visit to The Big Apple....someday...

  2. I love the Highline, we had a lovely walk along it when we were last in your lovely city.

    I'm going to remember The Tipsy Parson, it looks lovely and I'll be visiting there the next time I come to the City.

  3. I am coming to NYC this December for about four days -- I would love to walk on the highline (simply because of you featuring it so prominently on your blog!!) if it isn't too cold/snowy. Does anyone shovel it? Just curious. :)

  4. Hmmm well, I asked dexter and he thought it over for quite a few seconds...about two, He said to go to Sit Stay and get "helper" cards for buster, Not allowed to ask what sort of helper he is and then he would not have to wait forlornly on the outside.

  5. Oh Elizabeth, you are providing wonderful guidance to folks who'd appreciate a divergence from the usual tourist locations.

    I am very sad that Buster cannot gain entry to that place. I would remove a star from any of its ratings, just for Buster barring!

    Beautiful day today, wasn't it? I finally managed to walk across the Park. And even do some painting!


  6. Wonderful! Love the Buster shots, thanks for the tips and I want to be sitting with the two older ladies in that coffee shop. They look like they know things.

  7. perfect NYC day!

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  8. The Tipsy Parson what a lovely name, that one will have to go in my book for a visit the next time I'm in NY.

  9. Thank you!...I will in NYC on next December and I will follow your alternative recommendation.
    Maybe I will meet Buster...I'm a follower of his blog :-))

  10. Poor buster. Lots of disused railways here used for walking as I am sure you know but no city high lines yet.


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