Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Central Park

Those not addicted to foliage may want to skip this overlong post.....

Tuesday morning about 9am. we enter the park near the natural history museum.

Admire the rustic fence

and the little mist of wild michaelmas daisies.

Then the trees! My heavens, the trees!

Almost too much like Samuel Palmer in spring at Shoreham.

How they glitter in the sun.

How the pond makes a mirror image of itself.

If I were a painter.....


We chat to the young woman whose very old dog sits daily 

eyeing the ducks.

I wish the designers of the park could see it now.

Such a glimpse of the sublime

as we head for the museum


  1. Very nice photos, my favorite season is autumn. There is a big park here in Debrecen too, its name is "Great Woods". It is very similar like the Central Park.

    BTW, did you see the NY Marathon on Sunday? I watched in TV :)

  2. Thank you for identifying the michaelmas daisies. These are one of my fall favorites. Now they have a name.
    Coincidentally, a picture of James Lewicki's work came up in the "if you like this" selections. Isn't that funny?

  3. All those pretty pix of the park; just beautiful.
    Looks the same here, but it is foggy and getting cooler now.
    How often I entered the park at same place.....mmhh!
    Thanx for your lovely comment recently; treasure it to hear from you.
    Stay well,
    Beatrice from Germany

  4. already the name of the park is so facscinating, not to mention the beauty and the colors:)

  5. A glorious walk through Central Park on such a wind-blown day in Ohio, brightens the soul. Wonderful photos!

  6. Not overlong at all.
    The colors of the leaves so beautiful.

    One idea popped into my head... could you take the same walk in Winter with lots of snow ? What a series that would make. Especially for us Desert Dwellers.

    The photo of the old dog watching the ducks brought tears to my eyes. How very sweet....

    cheers, parsnip

  7. With pictures like those, he post could never be over long.

    Just gorgeous!

  8. Parsnip!
    I will try to do as you suggest and do the walk in the freezing winter when it will be very pretty too and utterly perishing........
    maybe in black and white?

  9. How can anyone not like trees and foliage, the photo's are beautiful and the colours so vibrant. I agree a winter post of the park would be nice.

  10. opps...
    forgot to say on a winters day that it is not 40 below with a wind chill of 100 below.... But it would be quite amazing.
    I am not so sure that whatever color is there wouldn't be interesting for a desert dweller to see. I am thinking it would be rather black, gray and white, but what would I know ? Winter in Tucson is green in the valley and snow on the mountains with lots of sun. Really different from where you live.

    cheers, parsnip

  11. Wow! You're right about the beauty of the trees. It's good to see the magnificence of the park. News people would have us believe every tree there was felled by the heavy snow storm. I realize those stories were blown out of proportion, but it's good to see there are plenty left full of fall colors.

  12. Great photos. I've never been to Central Park, but it looks lovely, especially all the fall colors.

  13. Elizabeth, it's grand to see that you've been uptown. I so love all those areas that your photos show.

    Gosh...I do owe you an email. Will do.


  14. That was gloriously beautiful! I'm glad you shared it with us.

  15. yes, the trees! love the amazing bright, sun-lit shades of oranges and yellows...i'm aching to be there.

  16. Thank you very much for the wonderful walk in the park. It was a pleasure!

  17. Beautiful photos. You know that I am a tree over and planter. The park is the city's crown jewel in my mind. Thank heavens people planned ahead when land was available to set aside. What a gift to all. Cheers Lori

  18. But you ARE a painter, Elizabeth.

    The leaves really are sublime. Chief pleasure of the season.

  19. Who (in there right mind) isn't addicted to foliage?
    So lovely....

  20. When I saw the title, I thought 'Great. A walk in Central Park, where I have never been'. Also, I am addicted to foliage, so you can imagine the delight as i followed in your footsteps admiring thwe views and amazing reflections. Thank you!

  21. Just beautiful! I took a carriage ride through Central park around this time last year!

  22. Gorgeous a poem in pictures and words

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  24. Great work!! Magnific shots!!

    Salut, Francesc

  25. Oh my Elizabeth.. I just loved this post so much!
    I even got teary eyed because it's so beautiful and brings so many memories.

    I lived in Chappaqua for a year when I was 10. That was life changing for me. It was the best year of my childhood.

    I saw how the trees turned beautiful shades of red and orange. I remember the smell of the earth in the fall, it was my favorite. I saw the snow for the first time ever..

    We went to Manhattan many times and my favorite thing was to walk and run through Central park. I felt so free and so little in such a huge park.

    These are wonderful Elizabeth. Thank you.. :o)

  26. Your photography is your have a good eye. I have never been to NY, maybe someday! Best to you! Thom @


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