Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Rather too much vegetation in this blog lately

so I ponder metal instead. Here in a gallery window on 22nd Street sort of metallic
 saran-wrap stuff to cover the window while a new show is being hung.

Something quite mind boggling and dizziness inducing from the Metropolitan Museum last week.

8th Avenue up by the Natural History Museum. Such child-friendly colors.

Redoing sidewalks. A concrete mixer and lots of  wet concrete. Hard to resist the urge to write something banal in the wet cement.....

A tangle of bicycles on 22nd Street

A window-dresser this morning in Chelsea Market. Metal in the nose and the hat. A work of art in himself.

Antique phonographs as part of his display.

I took this photo some weeks ago, thinking to write about Dot Harz who gave me the wonderful shovel/spoon. Then I realised that ET had invaded the handle.


  1. I thought what a lovely spoon - and then I saw it was Dot's. Hard to get those reflections out of silver...
    P.S. Dot would be proud.

  2. P.S. again - Oh yeah, now I see ET.
    Quite a smile.

  3. Cool Pix - specially ET!!!!! :))
    ~.✿.~ Love from Europe

  4. lovely you find faces in places :-)

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  5. Such a treat to see your pics. The first reminds me of our river.

  6. The window dresser looks like an interesting fellow, but not quite as fascinating as the little creature on the handle of your spoon. Great photos!

  7. A fine gallery of pictures there, Elizabeth. It looks like Buster decided to do a little distressing of the leaf after you finished with your photography session. ;o)

  8. Yes the pictures are great. I quite like the spoon and leaf at the last.

  9. Wonderful pictures, especially as it's a dark day here. Love the concrete faces with the concrete mixer, and very taken with ET in the spoon.

  10. The spoon! Hilarious! I wonder if when the man with the metal in his nose goes out in freezing weather- if his nose sticks to itself.

  11. I love that ET spoon – it is a magical pic for sure. Then the leaf picture – it is in itself as much a piece of art as the modern window covering – and the worker’s arms…. wonder what other tattoos he has on his body…

  12. I never noticed ET until I read your comment! Funny. The window dresser is art creating art...and he's wearing art too, on his skin. Not to mention his interesting, spiked hat. I like all the glimpses you've given us with metal in them around your neighborhood.


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