Monday, November 14, 2011

James Lewicki

In 1990 we bought the wonderful house in Centerport, Long Island built by the artist, James Lewicki. In the process we became friends with his widow Lillian and daughter Lisa.

Lil died last year. Jim, from all the family say, was quite a character, a prolific artist probably best known for his illustrations for Life magazine.  Last weekend Lisa was selling some of his remaining  paintings. This one, probably from the 1930's, reminds me a lot of the work of Charles Burchfield

Not a very good photo of a photo of Jim and Lisa in the studio where Robert later worked.

Industrial landscape that manages to be arresting

My favorite --washing hanging outdoors.

Jim also had a long association with American Greetings cards. He would do a selection of watercolors and the company would choose which ones to publish. A sketch above. More in an old post here

A sketch on the left and the finished product on the right.

Hard to see these clearly --Then and Now ( except "now" is now fifty years ago!) Very charming and retro. 

For lots more information about the paintings and cards (some of which are available in reproduction) contact Lisa at


  1. What wonderful art. The house and laundry paintings just grab my attention.

  2. That art is simply amazing. I love it; it seems alive and moving. I could never create anything like that. You really lived in that House??? Lucky you!

    Thank you for sharing soemthing so special, which, but for you, would not be shared. This is what I love about Blogland.

  3. I just love the last sieries- a good retro style!

  4. Funny how things go from new to dated to out of date to retro to valuable antique. Too bad people can't do that. I'm with you on loving the washing hanging outdoors. Very nice.

  5. I have a thing about washing lines so loved that one.

  6. What great paintings! My favorite is the first one – the houses in the snow with a grayish sky – what colors – I could look at it for a long time.

  7. Elizabeth, I absolutely agree with you about the Burchfield connection. Thank you for posting these examples of Mr Lewicki's art.

    Now, of course, I am curious to know more about that house!


  8. this is facinating, elizabeth!

    both the story of connection
    the cards
    with Then & Now!

    i must say you
    have the most interesting links
    to interesting people
    helps explain
    why you are so interesting

  9. those retroy christmas cards are just... beautiful!


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