Saturday, November 12, 2011

Chelsea Windows

The perennial fascination of windows......

which I study on my walks. Here a tall austere one with serious white shutters
20th Street

here the original interior wooden shutters on the seminary block.

the window here as a mirror reflecting the yellow fall trees

only a teeny window ( top left) but nice viney stuff in the seminary railings.
20th Street

Penn South reflected in a very new building on 23rd Street

the last rays of the sun on 24th Street. 
Note the odd little window like an exclamation mark!

neither my camera nor I can manage night pictures....
I do so love rooms illuminated at dusk and imagining their mysterious inhabitants.


  1. BEST windows! You see the best of everything- so glad you have a camera! Thank you for a look into windows- especially loving the bricked vine growing ones!
    I like walking around just as the indoor lights come on in the early evening- the windows have good stories. Fodder for another great book from you?

  2. These photos are exquisite.
    I am a window lover too, especially churchy ones but round these parts we don't have the huge selection of 'ordinary' windows that you have in New York. A book of these would be nice.

  3. Lovely shots - I want those shutters! Hardly to get here these days; somewhat oldfashioned and not to buy anymore.
    What a pity!
    have a great Sunday,

  4. Oh yes, windows hold such mystery as we take a peek into someone elses world. Love these photos!

  5. These are some seriously good pictures! The reflections are gorgeous.

  6. Elizabeth, I'd say that you manage windows with great imagination and a sense of wonder at any time of the day.

    I cannot pick a favorite from this selection...I would want to choose them all. xo

  7. I really enjoyed these windows.. thank you for the wee tour :)


  8. I love the way windows look at night too...we enjoy walking around at Christmas time and taking a peep as we stroll by pretty houses all warm inside.

  9. I can imagine I am on a walk with you with these pictures..
    thanks for the words about twitter - the more I read form everyone's comments the more it feels like we are

    "doing it becasue it seems to be the thing to do" and when we examine it for ourselves seems quite pointless.

  10. I love the 'old fashioned' ones very much

  11. Wonderful window pictures! Me too, me too, I love gazing at windows from the outside and how they are the eyes of the buildings looking out on the world. What do you mean your camera and you can't manage night shots? Your night shot is lovely.


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