Monday, October 31, 2011

Thoughts on Homemade and a Giveaway

When I was a child home-made was synonymous with horrid and itchy

and all round no good at all. I couldn't imagine why grownups like my mother, would ever consider a home made present better. I always wanted things bought in shops. Of course,  since then I've started knitting.

And my poor family will be getting home-made stuff from me.

Elf hats are my specialty lately. However below some ideas
 for people who like homemade --but homemade by someone else.

A good place for unusual and lovely presents and accessories from all round the world is Novica's website with super women's silk scarves ( like the ones they sent me above)
and also men's accessories like cuff links and walking sticks. Leave a comment below and I'll put your name in a jar and pick a winner to receive a $50 gift certificate from Novica
Drawing next Saturday November 5th. A similar giveaway but $100 this time on my old Moroccan blog.

(Novica are also looking for people who would like to host parties featuring all their fascinating products. Go here to find out more details.) 

Some pumpkins from this morning --a little bit day-afterish

and a link to my other blog......


  1. my entire life
    i have wanted to knit
    ~~little elf hats~~
    like that!


    if you enter me in the giveaway, elizabeth,
    if i win,
    i might select the
    'Blue Jasmine'

    how dreamy is that scarf?

    and if i don't win?
    well good for who*ever!

    going now to follow your links...

  2. Almost all of my grown-up life I've been giving homemade gifts, often more from necessity than choice. Usually I'd find myself varnishing oven-baked ceramics or applying some fast-drying paint to a picture late on Christmas Eve. This year I may be inflicting some of my knitted efforts (cowls are my latest "thing") on various family members. It's the effort that counts, isn't it? Your elf hats are adorable and festive: they should help brighten up one's mood when the inevitable winter blahs arrive.

  3. Well you know Zaki and I are huge fans of your elf hats. I think round for me please! I`m loving this renaissance of all things handmade and those silk scarves are gorgeous. Thanks for a wonderful giveaway E.

  4. I love the scarf...but I actually was hoping you were going to give away one of those elf hats. I've only knit two things in my life but enjoyed it so much. The scarf is very pretty...count me in.

  5. All in such soothing colors, they all look nice

  6. Thanks for the link to NOVICA. I ordered a sea turtle walking stick for my husband for our 50 year anniversary on November 19.


  7. I love your little hats! Especially the pinkish one sans pom pom.

  8. love the colors in the knits. i wish i could be knitting, too...sigh, maybe one day i will, again.

    hope life is back to normal after the snow

  9. We always has homemade and store bought gift for every Holiday and Birthday.
    Like you mentioned we like homemade gifts the best now that we are older.

    Last year I had some of my photos made into book, this year I think it will be calendars but I am still thinking.

    I love the pink elf hat the best !

    cheers, parsnip

  10. my mom made scratchy sweaters that had uneven sleeves.
    Now we are makers of things, mostly beautiful, often functional, and that feed the spirit.

  11. Those are WONDERFUL hats and scarves! Homemade used to mean the same to me. But my mind has been changed. Stuff available in our stores --you know, big box franchises--is so cookie cutter BORING and not unique at all.

    Hope your snow melts quickly without doing more damage.

  12. I am of course leaving a comment- This is my comment- Your hats are fabulous and there is nothing quite as nice as getting a hand made gift though I would not say "NO" to winning a certificate. I would say "yes, please!"
    It is not cold enough here yet to wear my little beanie that you knitted.I do love it! So I am sort of looking forward to brisk weather....sort of.

  13. Love those little elf hats, when I was growing up we all had hand made dresses and cardigans and with 4 girls we kept mum busy.
    I recently returned to knitting after a long abscence and am enjoying making little garments for friends and relatives.

  14. I was taught to knit, crochet,and sew, but I never continued beyond the learning stage. Your hats are cute and look very warm.

  15. Make a really large hat for me. I love floppy hats and I look like a pin head with a tight cap.

  16. You make very nice elf hats, I really like them.

  17. You are very clever Love the colours

  18. I taught my three sons to knit and crochet and other needlework. They love getting homemade handmade that they don't have to do themselves. Pretty tricky right.

  19. I love your photography - I wish I had time to take a class and learn to take better photographs of what I see. Love the elf hats and think they will make wonderful gifts. My girls get homemade all the time and I'd like to think that they appreciate the time and effort that goes into them.

  20. those elf hats are so cute!

    and please enter me in the giveaway. novica has so many unique items :)

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