Saturday, October 29, 2011

Trick or Treat

Yes, it's snowing.

Doesn't look very inviting out. It's not meant to snow until Thanksgiving at least.
No one can remember it snowing for Halloween.

It's snowing enough to bend the branches down

and cling to the pin-oak leaves.

This picture looks a bit Christmassy.

Even the dog is confused.......

by Sunday morning

it was pretty much melted.


  1. Love the snow and the dog!!!

  2. Le monde à l'envers! No snow in Montreal!

  3. ack !

    I heard a storm was coming your way but snow ? @_@ really strange.

    It is fall in Tucson 85/54 perfect. But we are being warned that it will be a dry winter so that will be so very bad for us.

    I love Busters face in the last photo. He may look a bit confused but he has one of the sweetest faces I have ever seen. Still love his Poirot mustache.

    cheers, parsnip
    The Boys say Woof !

  4. Poor little Buster! That photo says it all. Really, I can't ever remember snow before Halloween. I do love snow in NY, but it's a little early. Enjoy.

  5. Oh does sound quite early for snow!
    Keep warm for Halloween then :-)
    Have a great week end, Elizabeth !

  6. Buster doesn't look happy. Still adorable, though.

  7. You know what, Elizabeth, I don't think that I have ever seen snow falling on still green tree leaves. I watched the ginkgo and mimosa trees outside my front window do a shrinking in the freezing chill act this afternoon. No forecaster warned them to take cover.

    Very odd stuff in play here.

    I did my day off errand runs at midday and in early afternoon. First run featured wet, funny, floppy giant snow flakes and wet sidewalks. The early afternoon outing was so different. Wind-driven snow from changing directions challenged my two-year old umbrella, and the icy, slush of the sidewalks kept me concentrating on putting one foot in front of the other, no matter what was going on with the umbrella.

    Tomorrow is forecast to be another day, and so Buster need not go searching for his snow boot. I'm certainly not looking for mine.

    Your photos capture the story!


  8. ~~Even the dog is confused~~

    good grief!

    the Weather Channel
    {{yes, i'm STILL a Big Fan}}
    says folks in NYC
    should stay out of the parks
    due to branches breaking!

    is this Over*Kill
    or truth for safety sake?
    i have no idea about snowy events...


    inquiring minds want to know...

  9. I remember a heck of a snow storm in Kansas back in the early 90's. But you're's just not normal for Kansas OR New York.

  10. Saw all the warnings on tv about the cold front on the east coast. Your photos prove it to be true. We had snow a week or so ago. It made a mess and went away. Yours will go away--and, like ours, will come back with a vengeance in December. Laughed at Buster's photo.

  11. I'm jealous! I hope the storm does not bring any trouble with it and that everyone can enjoy the surprise of an early snow.

    Poor Buster, he does look confused.

  12. Well you got the smow, and we didn't. How can the weather be that different? New York City isn't that far away from Huntington. Great shots out the window.

  13. hi,really fasinating post,hope you will visit mine blog too

  14. a bit too early for snowing?!

  15. Wow, snow! Buster does not like the snow?

  16. Hello again...
    only recently you posted pix with people being barefoot in sandals in the dogpark and now snow....?!!
    Thanx for your comment in my last post! Will continue with the dogs blog soon; it's almost a has been a hectic year with all the cancer treatment and all. Will move back to my Ex soon as it is no good for him to live alone in his situation.
    We have very mild Fall weather this weekend; quite unusual.
    Love from Europe
    Beatrice and Gizmo

  17. Brr! But although I am sorry you already have snow, these are wonderful pictures. They give a tremendous feeling of cold, blowy city snow.

    Hope you have a sunny Halloween! it doesn't seem like a year since I was in New York but I was there last Halloween.

  18. What a treat! These snow captures are so immediate and vital. Enjoy Hallowe'en! ..... And look at my Sunday snippet!

  19. Brrrr can't believe you have snow in October.

  20. I'm glad the snow melted away. :-)

  21. That's the perfect kind of snow...big fat wet flakes that disappear as suddenly as they come!

    Great pics, Elizabeth!


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