Thursday, October 6, 2011

Occupy Wall Street

All photos taken yesterday (Wednesday) by Robert Schmid

whose legs you can see in the center of the photo above. I really hate crowds

unlike the women above, who, like so many others, were documenting things like mad.

Note the policewoman on the left.  The crowd seems to be a whole cross section of society, including students, out-of-workers, out-of-towners, the politically savvy, the politically naive, people who like street theater, people who feel terribly sad about the direction our society is going, union members and the odd person on the way to  his or her lunch. 

The police were ready with netting and plastic handcuffs, but not water cannon or dogs. I'm always frightened demonstrations will turn violent --but think of all the good that has come out of them --the end of the war in Vietnam, getting rid of apartheid, Civil rights here. 

Wall Street is merely a symbol of something -- of corporate bailouts and CEO's whose yearly salary would last most of us more than a lifetime.
 Time to dress up in the flag

or put on a mask.

Most of the people look very ordinary.

Some quite extraordinary

Just people who want to be heard.


  1. Great pictures and commentary, Elizabeth. I hope people continue to pay attention to this.

  2. Yes, that's what democracy is all about. Freedom to swing your fist as long as you don't hit anyone's nose. And maybe help change a few wrongs in the process.

    Great crowd photos--should be very useful to The Artist.

  3. I thought about you when I heard about the protesters. Hope your far away from the crowds and safe.

    As a life long, I am 64, Democrat who votes across part lines, I personally am sick of Wall Street and the East Coast Political Intelligentsia telling me, someone who lives in a Border Town how to think and live.
    Plus I am thinking of joining the Tea Party just because of someone like the extraordinary man with the sign that has such a wonderful grasp of words in your photo. Some gallows humor on my part.

    I also feel terribly sad about the direction our society is going.
    My vote never seems to count anymore. By the time they get around to count my vote, the East Coast has already call every election.

    Stay safe.
    cheers, parsnip

  4. That first picture reminds me of one of Mr. Schmidt's paintings.

    I want to know where the anti-tea party guy got those BOOTS!

    I worked a block from Wall Street when the bailouts happened. It looked a little like that almost every day for awhile there.

    One great thing about NY: I am young, granted, but I don't think I've ever seen an NYC protest turn dangerous in my lifetime. I've sometimes wondered whether NYers will come out to protest ANYTHING, just for the good time.

  5. Robert`s photos are broadsheet worthy! Why the netting? What do they do with it? Throw it over the protestors like birds?

  6. Wow! How interesting to live right in the middle of history in the making.

  7. Elizabeth, I also think that Robert's photos are very good, and do show the variety of folks that have been mixing downtown.

    A young friend of mine has been down there on several days and feels that the group's size will continue to grow. (However, the weather is surely getting chillier by the day.)

    I know what you mean about not being so fond of crowds, but will admit to being a veteran participant in many marches, etc over the years.


  8. Reminds me of the quote: "Never underestimate the power of a small group of people to change the world. In fact, it is the only way it ever has." Margaret Mead

  9. Wow! Should I come into NYC abnd join in the protest? Brings back old memories of the 1960's. Robert must be in his glory, because he has new material for crowd paintings. NIce photo Robert. Excellent reporting Elizabeth.

  10. Great post - we are very concerned about this all and follow the news!
    Wish we could be in NYC too now...due to serious illness this is unfortunately not possible.
    Stay well and tuned and have a nice weekend,

  11. Nice showcase of the Wall Street. You have covered nice pic of the crowd...and the cops as well.

  12. yes, the world does not give any stabilization this time:( who could have expect that it happened also to US:(

  13. Good to see your photos, didn't hear much about it on the news over here.

  14. welllll

    i had been wondering about this-->
    Occupy Wall Street.

    very little
    seems to be on TV
    but i am getting my updates on NPR.

    there is an
    Occupy Jacksonville
    in a show of support
    but we have a nor'easter coming in...

    here in my part of the Florida
    the Tea Party people
    are the worse!

    in my 'hood
    the folks wanting to cut down
    200 year old oak trees
    for no reason
    are all wearing Tea Party t-shirts
    and shouting
    'keep the government out of this'

    good grief!
    it makes me sick!

    the groups photo shots here
    look like poor
    trailer~park trash...
    ask robert
    if he needs shots of THOSE...

  15. The greatest thing about blogs is you get to hear what's happening in real terms.

    Not the way it's described here.
    Wonderful to see so many ordinary people just turning up to stand.

  16. It also reminds me of the '60s. Protesters actually made changes back then and maybe they will now, too. Let's hope! Maybe I better not just hope... but get out there like I did all those many years ago!
    P.S. Great photos. Really captured the mood.


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