Wednesday, October 5, 2011


One of the things I miss in the city are porches.

They are standard pieces of equipment in older towns and villages on Long Island.  An indoor/outdoor extra room to decorate, play on, hang out on. The meeting place of the public and the private.

And I miss black walnut trees. So very messy and ugly and charming.

A porch is a useful place to suspend ghosts from.

photo courtesy of Robert Schmid

And speaking of spooky, the green slime on the pond in Heckscher Park is pretty special.


  1. The green slime is beautiful!
    Thanks for the porch photos. I want to add one to my house and these will come in handy. We, on the west coast, don't have as many pretty porches as you do in the East.
    I always love your photos!

  2. I love porches and especially ones that look like this one.

    Black Walnuts are wonderful.
    One year we went on a visit to the East coast relatives. They had a Black Walnut tree and hated the mess and never picked the nuts but we did ! Brought then back home and for a year my Mum made the best cookies and cakes. One of the best memories ever !

    You have the best post ! I look forward to all of them.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. How pretty! I used to live in Dallas Tx and my great Aunt had an enormous porch, so nice. And pecan trees in the yard, we had a lot of fun gathering them. Beautiful pictures.

  4. We live in an old house that was moved from some other location. After we lived here several years we decided it used to have a porch and finally hired a builder to replace it. We love our porch for so many reasons. Too bad they have become a thing of the past in most communities.

    The green slime IS pretty special.

  5. I am always amazed at these porches, ours over here are a bit boring. Hope you are doing good, pop over to see Pangkor Laut, hugs :)

  6. yes, it is a fantastic place-as you wrote-a mixture of public and private, for me mostly to relax and read a lot and have late suppers ouside:)

  7. Porches can be enchanting places...not quite inside and not quite outside.

  8. Who would have thought of photographing green slime? Elizabeth because she sees art in everything.

  9. I love porches and the green slime! they are all so beautiful with those great color! thanks for your sharing.

  10. they are all beautiful pictures,especially those porch. nice blog.

  11. I too love the look and feel of porches. Somewhere to relax and watch the world go by.

    I enjoyed looking at the ones you have collected on the post, secretly wishing I could be there right now.

    That green slime is cool!


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