Monday, June 6, 2011


Went to the New York Botanical Gardens for the Alhambra show which was very ho-hum.

Instead was overwhelmed by the rose garden at the height of its glory. A place to be photgraphed...


wandered through.

A pause with paler colors. Then pondering rose greed. Which ones do I desire most of all?

This one?

A riot of pink

My current winner.... I think... except for ALL the others.


  1. I love roses and their scent!
    Beautiful garden, beautiful photos!

  2. I so agree with you Elizabeth...did it smell magical too?

  3. Elizabeth, I do like your rose of choice, while agreeing that picking a favorite is so difficult.

    The tiny garden in front of a neighbor's brownstone house is currently crowded full of many varieties of roses. They are putting on a tremendous show, and I hope that this weekend's coolish weather will prolong their blooming time.

    The scent is marvelous!


  4. I quote Keats: 'A thing of beauty is a joy forever'. The beauty and joy of roses is eternal.

  5. "Then pondering rose greed." I am so there with you.

    Your second photo reminds me of the roses I had in my home in Laguna Beach. The small white "Iceberg" roses that did so well by the beach.
    I miss the fence, arch and gate overflowing with roses.

    Beautiful post today. Nice way to start off the week.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. What lovelt pictures, I could almost smell their lovely scent. It must have been beautiful.

  7. Rose greed. Oh, I can identify with that.

  8. Ahhh the roses! In spite of our horrid spring the wild roses on the doggie walk are blooming beyond the most bloomy-est- the fragrance is heavenly!

  9. the pinks in the last picture, oh!

    however, i have an issue with roses. there was a wild one taking over the yard and we thought we dealt with it, digging up meter long pieces of roots. it seems we are on the loosing end as the bugger keeps sprouting up all over the place...

  10. How absolutely beautiful. I will try to see this when I am in New York soon. I would love to wander amongst all this beauty!

  11. They are all beautiful and I do wish I could have some here but can't seem to grow them at all. I have one poor little iceberg which manages to produce about three blooms a year, but the last hard winter seems to have shattered it and it barely has leaves this year.

  12. Adorable pictures, I can spend the whole day walking there and enjoying the nice colors and thir smell.

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  13. I can smell the roses from Spain!

  14. Great flowers. Instead I have bought a few flowers for the office. Inspiration picture.

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  15. Really amazing photos! I would love to visit NY someday

  16. You know how to make your post understandable for most of the people. Lovely flowers...


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