Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wimbledon then Clapham Junction

What on earth can these people be doing all dressed up buying tickets at the station?

Even the gnome is pretty impressed.

And then when I got to Clapham Junction there were chaps in top hats.....weirder and weirder

I discovered they were on their way to Ascot.......

My cousin doubted if this belle in pink (seen shopping in Boots)
would be heading for the Royal Enclosure. Anyway........


  1. Excuse me!

    These people weren't going anywhere in particular.

    We English always dress for shopping (even when we're doing it online!)

    It's called POSH!!

    Personally I wouldn't be seen dead in Poundstretcher in anything less than full evening dress and tiara!

  2. Ah! And I thought they were all dressed up and going to somewhere to celebrate.

  3. Oh Elizabeth, we really do need to get together when you get home. I have got a bunch of Clapham Junction tales for you.

    Meanwhile, it's great to see your camera eye in action and to know that the London girls still like to dress up.


  4. Perhaps the belle in pink is heading for the Royal Enclosure - it`s Harry`s girlfriend isn`t it? I always see her in Boots.

  5. I'm glad there are people somewhere in the world who still know how to dress up. Except for weddings and church and the granddaughter princess parties I seldom see such finery.

    Ladies with hats and gentlemen with top hats---only here on Halloween.

    (Now if yer talkin; cowboy hats boots and spangles there's always a good rodeo)

  6. Love the post and laughed out loud at all the comments. Fantastic ... and, do you know, those with cars then sit in fields that they have paid dearly to enter and get out the picnic and champagne, or rather valets do this, and sit around tables with sparkling white cloths and appropriate cutlery ... but their feet are often in the mud. All this I have witnessed in passing, from a bus.
    Your photographs capture it all and bring back memories of my years in that area - thank you!

  7. wait
    R U in london?

    good grief!
    i am so far behind...


    if you were there
    when i was...

    {{ love Boots
    and their homeopath section.
    i buy this: 4head
    to easily rub away
    a headache.
    that might have been me
    in the pink
    as i OFTEN dress like that,

    it was


  8. Your comment about the gnome made me smile.

  9. Times have certainly changed and Ascot shows just how much.


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