Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Saturday night and the Empire State Building (in a rather bad photo!)
 is rainbow colored to celebrate the fact that everyone can now get married.

I hadn't realized how giddily happy this would make so many of our friends. 
Because no one ever told me I couldn't get married, I really hadn't taken in
 how horrid it would be if I hadn't been allowed to.

....lots of weddings in the offing. 
(Here some flowers left over from a party -- looking sort of wedding-ish.)
New York in an altogether cheerful mood. 
A great boost for the city -- not to mention for the photographers, florists
  and all the other, assorted people
who plan parties and celebrations of all kinds.

But normal life goes on too.
Brunch at a diner with the doors open wide -- a sort of symphony in beige.

And work to be done as the sun slants in on Monday morning.


  1. Lovely post. The Empire State building looks great all lit up in those colors. Weddings are always fun, and I suppose there will be many more now. Here's looking forward to a special wedding in 2012! Cheers Lori

  2. I never understood it much, "marriage" being just a word you could say anyway and a party that you could throw anyway. I think what really bothers most people, and what drives them to cross state lines for a ceremony, is being told that you CAN'T just becuase you're "different." I missed the festivities as I was out of town this weekend, but I am very happy now my friends can get married at home if they'd like. I believe we will be seeing some very colorful wedding parties!
    Interesting that the right was granted the same weekend as the pride parade. Wonder if they did it on purpose?

  3. Rainbows are for EVERY color. What would artists do if they didn't have choice? Choice, as long as it doesn't step on others toes, is a basic human right.

    Fun to see the artist's work space and wonder about the use of some of those tools (aluminum foil?).

  4. Elizabeth, your post and its pictures do a grand job of expressing what happened here over the past weekend.

    Hoping that there will be lots and lots of celebrations and happily ever after's in the years to come.


  5. I love the flowers. What a jubilant time to be in New York!

  6. New York YAY well done! And about rime too. Used to be that a white person and a brown person could not marry- Humans are so slowwwww and dumb! Except for that one human- Mr. Lucky with his fist full of something yummy- Now. there's a smart human, not to mention ADORABLE!

  7. It must be wonderful being in the Big Apple at a time of such widespread celebrations. The flowers are lovely.

  8. I was ecstatic for my friends. Love is greater than everything else :). Love your photos!!

  9. Perfect. Elizabeth your blog is simply amazing and the pics are very beautiful. They reflect the true colors of this city.

  10. This is great news as we are all human beings and in so being are 'the same'. The Empire State Building looks magnificent in all its glory ... and your photograph is excellent. I like the way in which you have coomposed this post.

  11. Sounds like happy days in NYC. I love the rainbow lights, and also your photo of the flowers, which make a lovely rainbow of their own. Lots of color, in every combination, never fails to please my eye!

  12. another great post about NYC! I always enjoy your illustrated stories.

  13. Sometimes it is obvious what the ESB is signaling with its lighting, but not always.... does one have to have ESP, or is its nightly messages recorded somewhere, I wonder? Nice shot. You see it as well as I do!

  14. My Father told me that I could not get married (I was only 20) but I did just weeks after becoming 21.

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