Monday, June 20, 2011


The previous post showed rather swanky people at Clapham.
I continued my tour of South London and relatives' houses.
On Wednesday we had a typical English summer lunch
--half at the picnic table in the garden, then indoors when it came on to rain......

This is Balham (where I was born several centuries ago) with more ordinary
 English people dressed for the middle of June. Hm.....

The overall color is gray. Good thing the rail worker got a bright jacket.

Note the newspaper reader on the left --winter jacket and all.

Oh well, I'm back in New York where it's almost too hot.

A symphony in gray and beige.


  1. welcome home, with lovely slices of lifeses.

  2. Yet another promised yellow day today turned out grey - maybe tomorrow....!

  3. Yes, old stomping grounds! And the weather- just like ours!

  4. Welcome home to NYC. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

    Yes, it is hot here, but not as hot as we know a NYC summer can be. Yet.

    Enjoy the solstice! xo

  5. You portrayed your English sojourn so well, capturing mood and essence. Great posts ... and now more of New York??

  6. So you were not born in Essex!


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