Sunday, June 12, 2011


A little early in the season for strawberry picking

but we drive to Kent anyway and turn off a country lane.

Long rows of raspberry canes with some fruit ready already. The strawberries were few and far between.

But the farmhouse had a charming tile roof

and families arrived in the correct color car.

The views --far and 

near --were English indeed

 as were the not-very-fierce dogs guarding the crops.


  1. It`s Sunday and I`m still homesick Elizabeth. Lovely images of the garden of England. Aren`t they meant to be having a bumper crop of strawberries this year?

  2. These are absolutely gorgeous photos. When I was younger, we used to go blackberry picking near our house. Your series of photos bring back some good memories.

  3. I am looking forward to July when I can go berry picking for raspberries and strawberries to make my own jam - that is if they make it through the cold and wet weather conditions we have been experiencing for weeks on end!

    Would love some warm sunshine please but 100 degrees - no thanks!

    The English countryside is beautiful. Hope you are having a good time back home.

  4. Lovely photos!

    I've just been out and picked my very first strawberries of the year. I'm so pleased I'm going to put the picture on my blog!!

  5. They are so beautiful. You have great eye for composition. And greens.

  6. What a fabulous view from the Farm House and I love the sweet dogs.

    I would move right in if I could with my Scotties... They will fit right in.

    I am so loving being able o go along with you on this trip ! Although strange to see people in sweaters.
    We are 100 + here in Tucson.

    cheers, parsnip

  7. How beautiful these pictures are! We were in the Cotswolds last June for a garden tour and it was so gorgeous. A couple of years ago I went strawberry picking in Maine and it was very idyllic. Have a wonderful time in England.

  8. Black labs, primrose, tile roofs and all: English idyll.

    We've got lots of raspberries to pick, and a few soggy strawberries as well. As soon as the rain lets up!

  9. What a wonderful post!
    Shall we follow each other? Let me know. I'd glad.
    Visit my blog -

    Love xx

  10. So very beautiful, Elizabeth!
    Enjoy your holiday,

  11. Aaaah, some lovely views of England to enjoy! What sweet dogs, playing footsies.

  12. Elizabeth, I so love that last photo of the handsome pups, with those human feet in the background!

    Still, I wanted to let you know that as I walked my westward walk home from the subway this evening, our New York almost sunset sky was truly lovely.

    Put a colorful wash over the puffy clouds in your Kent sky and you would get the idea.


  13. Love this series of photos...I love the simplicity of the profound in your story and I LOVE the pictures. Thank you again for the reminder...

  14. The raspberry crop is the best for decades apparently. Strawberries good too, not to mention the roses.

    Dry and warm at the right time and rain at the right time.


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