Saturday, June 11, 2011

Long Evenings/London

These photos were taken about half past nine at night

looking north from south of the Thames in London. The lights

 are all on in the buildings but it's still beautifully clear and almost colorful.

In the somewhat foreground is London Bridge Station and the "Gherkin " is in the distance.
The weather is interestingly 'changable' raining and thundering and then not raining for a bit. I should have brought my raincoat but since it was 100'F in NY when I left I stupidly assumed it was like that everywhere.


  1. wonderful big city! and so elegant there

  2. Beautiful. Thank you for letting us travel there through your blog.

  3. Hello Elizabeth, and thank you for letting us see these lovely evening views of London.

    I love each of your photos, and think that the colors are particularly good, almost have a shimmer, a translucence.

    Sorry about the rainy weather. It's finally dropped below 100 F hereabouts.

    It was grand seeing you. Hoping to see you soon again when you get home. xo

  4. Great photos Elizabeth. Different seeing from the south side.

    Looks like you are over here then?

    Have to say I am glad it is not 100 degrees.

  5. Beautiful view of the city.

    About the temperature, well lucky you and lucky Londoners. I am in tropical India and it is boiling at 106!

  6. The photo have a magical quality, the colors like Frances said they shimmer.

    The photos remind me of the first time I visited London, the air felt to me like your pictures look. I can't really explain it but thank you so much for posting these photos.
    I so want to live where that first photo was taken.

    cheers, parsnip

  7. Yes, beautiful photos of the evening city. It does have an enchanted quality in that light. Even though I see it every year, I'm still always surprised by the late sunsets in summer.

    I also know how difficult it is to pack for different weather. Somehow we assume the weather is the same all over the world.

  8. As already commented above,
    looks magical!

  9. we have enjoyed a rather pleasant low-80s weather, but are about to get some serious thunder storms in a few days. i won't mind, my summer leave will come to an end on wednesday.

    when the evenings and nights start getting lighter, i need to start using blinds to be able to sleep. therefore i'm waiting for the cosy darkness that autumn brings along...

    enjoy london, and the cool weather!

  10. Oh MY you have hit me right in the middle again with ENVY!

  11. a London Adventure. Spectacular view Elizabeth, lucky girl...

  12. Love the first photograph - the colours are beautiful and what a view!

  13. Ah, now I really am homesick. Hoping to get down in July.
    The first shot is absolutely stunning, beautiful light and like a vision.

  14. Those views take my breath away!

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