Friday, May 24, 2013


Looking South waiting for the rain to arrive.

Looking down - always a bit dizzy-making.

Planters on the roof with too much thyme and rather healthy mint.

And lots of lavender. (Such contrasts of urban and rural.)

Five minutes after I came down from the roof  - it rained and rained.

In the evening I went uptown to teach, but did not wear a charming chapeau. It was rush hour and pelting with rain and the subways were stifling and smelly, then the bus I changed to crawled...

So, on the way home, I sprang for a taxi. A mixed blessing as the driver was YELLING on this phone and the little partition wouldn't close, so I couldn't chat.

That aside, Times Square was as gloriously garish as ever.

Happy Weekend.


  1. how lucky to find that pic of the cartoon with the megaphone to illustrate your story! perfect!
    thanks for the smile Elizabeth.

  2. What a day.
    Especially loved the first photo. What perfect lines.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Fabulous photographs - as ever! Love the herb tubs!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. All that action in the big city! And green!

  5. every day is an adventure in the city! and mother nature still lets you know that she has not entirely given up. Wonderful shots, though "looking down" gives me the willies- I always feel compelled to leap-
    wags and wiggles from a happy Dexter- happy to have the puppy back with his people...

  6. Happy weekend to you too. I loved that first one too, though they're all gorgeous. That rain!

  7. That rain shot is amazing Elizabeth - what a different life you lead from our tranquil one out here in the wilds.

  8. i guess us gardeners shouldn't complain about the rain, but enough is enough at times!

    your thyme and mint do look a bit crowded, are drying some of the thyme for later use? this summer i remembered to plant mint and lovage to pots of their own, they arrogantly conquer space from everything else.

    bellyrub for buster!

  9. Magic selection of photos Elizabeth, and oh how lucky to have an accessible roof with such views!
    (I really like the looking down one)

  10. A garden is one of the very few places where you can find too much thyme.

  11. I love the herbs growing on the rooftop. :)

  12. What a great blend of urban/natural...and then the rains came. Loved this dash through NYC with you; such a wonderful mix! Really got the feeling of what it is to live there. And your last photo is such a vivid summary of your noisy cab ride.

  13. I live how even in the busiest of cities you can still find an oasis of green.



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