Wednesday, May 8, 2013

More About the Woods/Long Island

When I first moved to America, I was always surprised by the fact that so many woods were virgin and untended. In England woods were much neater altogether. (There was a saw mill within a mile of our house.) In fairy tales there are always woodsmen. An honorable career opportunity - if not likely to make you madly rich. In American woods there were Indians.  But lo and behold a chainsaw has been used here.

Continuing yesterday's ramble though untended woods we come nearer to civilization and see a canopy of dogwood

and the grounds Harold Harz used to mow.

Then we go back into the woods (dandelion clocks lower right)

How the vines and the sticker bushes entangle themselves! (When I lived here I always carried secateurs). You can quite see how Sleeping Beauty could be protected by briars.

Moss at the edge of the pond.

And spice bushes and skunk cabbage


and more roots.

The sky fallen into the pond (the faint dot upper left a heron)

Oak leaves fallen in water

A swan in water reflecting green

And a stick reminding me of time when a stick tripped our daughter when she was skating here.

Then back to civilization

and a garden that needs the maple trees pulled out, but, other than that, is rather cheerful.


  1. You tell a pictorial story so elegantly Elizabeth, I thoroughly enjoyed this most excellent adventure!

  2. Elizabeth, deeper into those woods was more beauty, and your photographs and words allowed us the pleasure of sharing that beauty.

    The image of you carrying secaturs on woodland walks remains in my mind. Good protection against becoming a fairy tale heroine.


  3. The tree's exposed roots usually means there's been quite a bit of foot traffic.

  4. Wow.. this is sooo lovely Elizabeth! Your pictures are always amazing. I particularly love the third one. I just want to dive in the picture and appear on the other side! Just beautiful... :o)

  5. Yes, the third picture, I thought, what lovely property is that ?...
    of course, the Harz view ! The glory of growing up, living in Centerport, the mixture of the civilized and un. Nature never too far from one's door. Thanks - L.

  6. Enjoyed all pics but the water and reflections the most.

  7. Looks absolutely beautiful Elizabeth.

  8. GORGEOUS, gorgeous images, Elizabeth... So much enjoyed this wild walk. :o) Happy Days ((HUG))

  9. So lovely and so lush green, not something I am use to. I live in a very green desert but it doesn't feel, look quite the same.
    I think our summer is here, although we haven't had the per-requisite four days of 100+ temp with the right humidity for our monsoon, as I am writing this a small rain storm is floating by with booming thunder !

    what a great morning !

    cheers, parsnip

  10. It is good to see so much life and spring green. Still your window photos are always excellent as well.

  11. I feel revived and refreshed after that most agreeable and scenic ramble.

  12. What a fun and scenic adventure.

  13. i love the "sky falling into the pond," and that cheery pink tulip at the end. thanks for taking us along on your rambles.

  14. Such a lovely walk~ So very beautiful!


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