Thursday, May 16, 2013

First Avenue and 10th Street

Quite enough wandering round in the woods - so back to the city.

It's odd how very parochial and local one gets - so the East Side seems an exotic country to me where they decorate the corners of buildngs and door frames.

Abstracy and psychedelic.

How few people make their own clothes nowadays...

Another decorated door frame. Here bits of old china and other porcelain stuff...

Here a lot of shattered plates.

Very traditional Italian pastry shop..

and other good things to eat.

Such lovely old signs.

I end up eating one of the chocolate doughnuts at Taralluci.


  1. love the gerber daisies in the glass vase in your last shot. what an interesting and colorful series - i particularly like the doorframe decorated with a mosaic of broken plates and pottery.

  2. Lovely sights of NY again; you provide the best snaps.

  3. Love when I can tag along on your walks through the city.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Good things to eat, indeed. I love the signs.

  5. this is such a fun trip through town! Some town (?) Very entertaining- so LOVE the old signs- the plastered walls- odds and sodds, are, um, curious.

  6. oh gosh - yummy!
    & I love how you frame your shots Elizabeth. You're so talented.
    You also made me remember my mom making me clothes with Butterick patterns.
    : )

  7. Mmmm. The painted building corner reminds me of a different time and place ... San Francisco, 1965 or so.

  8. Bill Stankus: I have been shut out from reading your blog! Help!

  9. Elizabeth, I haven't been over to that side of town in so long. Thank you for reminding me of its joys!


  10. How fun to be able to go just a few blocks and be in a different village. Such amazing and cheerful decorations on the shop corners and what a bounty of varieties of food. Still, nothing beats a chocolate donut.

  11. Mmmm, the bakeries!
    My favourite pic is the neon signs - I wonder if they work?

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  13. I missed this one for some reason.....such beautiful signs. Thanks for another fabulous tour!


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