Saturday, May 18, 2013

Excellent Dumpling/Little Italy

On Thursday, one of the first warm evenings of the year, we head down to Canal Street and Lafyette amid whispered choruses of "Rolex. Rolex.Rolex". Excellent Dumpling looks like a dump from outside 

but has a curious green charm, not to mention

the best scallion pancakes and vegetable dumplings in the world.

When we emerge from our brisk, delicious dinner the light is brilliant against tall buildings but has almost vanished from the street.

I never buy anything in Chinatown though I like looking at the shop windows.

An elephant, a dragon a happy Buddha.

Then Mulberry Street where the tables beckon outdoors

and, oddly, the first gun shop, I've ever noticed in New York City.

Today's eat - A vanilla eclair at Caffe Roma.

Happy Weekend


  1. Hmmmm, the eclair looks tasty!
    A nice walk, thanks for sharing.
    I am sure, I would by lots of things in Chinatown. I like such things.
    Enjoy your weekend, Love Ines

  2. Such wonderful images, the eclair and the sunlit tall buildings are my favorites today.

  3. All I can think of now is scallion pancakes. Love at first bite. I make them every once and awhile.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. At first glance, I read the sign as 'Dumping House'. Very tired! Wonderful pictures as ever and that eclair looks delicious....

  5. I can see there's nothing for it but to come to NYC to sample those vegetable dumplings and vanilla eclaires for myself!
    (I love that street photo with buildings in background!)

  6. {{ oh oh
    how lovely
    one can get pastry
    covering in somepinkflowers


    police equipment

    outing !! }}

  7. Excellent Dumplings on a spring evening. A wonderful combination. And you were also wise to stop off at Caffe Roma for that eclair.

    (You've brought back some memories of the years when I lived in SoHo (only a short walk away from Chinatown.)


  8. Dumplings and eclairs - oh dear Elizabeth and we have just come back from holiday having gained weight eating delicious food in our hotel.

  9. The pastry looks yummy. The windows is Chinatown look the same in every city I visit!! Love looking except when there's dead chickens and such hanging.

  10. Really like the shot of the street and all the hustle and bustle of the people, like a soup. And the cats waving HI...

  11. I am so excited to have found your blog. New York! Need I say more. This is a city that I have always wanted to visit, but now think that it will probably never happen and is probably way out of my budget. But, I can dream and I can tag along on your adventures and see all the little nooks and crannies that the tourist guides don't show you.
    Did I say that I was excited to find you . . . well it is worth saying again.
    Now if you are ever in a hokey farm/country small town mood . . . please accept my invitation to visit.
    Your newest follower,
    Connie :)

  12. Lovely to wander through the streets with you. I miss NY especially when The National Stationery Show is on. My work will be there somewhere, so I will have to imagine that I am there with it!

  13. I loved the éclair, but dumplings, wow. We had a whole meal in China of just dumplings! Everything that could be put into a dumpling was offered. I liked the walnut dumpling best. Do they make those in NYC?

  14. a lovely journey...I love your NY story-walks Elizabeth!

  15. Lots of good eats and sights! :-)

  16. So, truth in advertising - they do make excellent dumplings.


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