Saturday, November 3, 2012

Recovery Mode: Thank God

We got our power back on at 5:40 last evening. Really, really thrilling because we were getting cold and miserable. I can only begin to  imagine how awful it still is for so many other people.
Herewith some snapshots from yesterday.

Heading uptown on the bus. Buses were free. 

In the 50's, where I went to get warm, you would not know anything was amiss at all. 

Below is either Patience or Fortitude from outside the public library.

Both of them sorely needed lately.

What a collection of candles on the dining table! Thank you, thank you, Jo Paley!

Thursday night 9pm 23rd and 8th Av.

As above

Friday: Food distribution center 10th Avenue and 27th Street manned/peopled (!) by really lovely college age women. Did I need granola?  --they were out of whole meals. I had the dog with me --did I need dog food? baby food?  Luckily I did not need anything, and said I was just  wandering round taking pictures, but thank you so much for asking.

As above. Excuse awful quality of picture.

Water from the fire hydrant on 10th Avenue opposite the swanky Avenues School.

No traffic lights still on Friday morning.

On 22nd St in the gallery district on the way to the dog park......

I discover whole galleries were utterly flooded

and liked the grafitti

and saw guys working on flooded freight elevators

and plain old junk.

Then the lights came on!

This morning is bright and crisp and cold. The High Line is shut and there is all sorts of debris to be cleared up. Note to dog: Avoid delicious smelling spoiled food.
 Excuse long boring post!


  1. awwwwwwwww, so happy to hear your power is on again !
    Pats and a hug to Buster from The Square Ones.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. I have enjoyed keeping up with events via your blog. So glad you have power now.

  3. the orange bike behind plain old junk looks interesting...

    glad you got the big E on, the weather seems to be getting cooler over there.

    i'm aching to visit nyc but right now it seems there are people who need the warmth and comfort of a hotel room more than i do...

  4. I have found your recent posts "post Sandy" very interesting and not boring at all. It goes without saying that I am so happy you have power and therefore heat. Hope you have water too. Love your blog. I wanted to do the NY marathon this year, but my husband wasn't keen (we've done it before) and we went to Florida instead... relieved he got his own way now! Take care and enjoy your warm home x

  5. Really so not broing E. Your food distribution aords and images made me go tingly. So glad you ware warm and have light. Keep the posts coming. Love to Buster from us all (my mum was very worried about him).

  6. Hi Elizabeth.
    So glad you are alright and that the power is back. Such a scary time. I have meant to visit all week but haven't-sorry about that. I was thinking about you!
    Your pictures are really interesting. Not at all boring!The scenes on the news on the day before the hurricane hit reminded me of the film 'Escape From New York'. It seems like people are making the best of things but there is still a long way to go. Awful how many people were killed. I think it is right that they cancelled the marathon. It doesn't make sense to be spending time and resources on that when people are still in such a bad way. I was thinking that if it was here I wouldn't have been able to evacuate because of the cats! At least dogs can go on a lead!
    And yes, I would love to meet for a cup of tea sometime!

  7. Not long and boring! Your posts about the moment-by-moment details has been very helpful and soothing to me. I need them.

  8. Thank goodness for power! I have been so concerned about the cold getting worse and more fragile people in particular suffering. HOpefully it will be back on very very soon for everyone.
    It's a funny thing but disasters can bring out the very best and, the worst in people. Those lovely young people seeing to the food distribution is a wonderful example of the very best, and I realise there are many more examples too.
    All the best Elizabeth and Buster and 'other half'. Thank you for a poignant pictorial update.

  9. Your roving reporter photos -- gallery sweeping, freight elevator repair, etc. -- hint at how much drudgery it will take to get SoPo (South of Power -- hat-tip to Andrew Sullivan) back to normal.

    So glad you, R & B are basking in warmth and light (no more scented candles!). : )


  10. No, absolutely not boring. Good news to hear things are getting better and warmer for you and yours.

    The recovery from disaster is often SO long and SO slow even with lots of help. The rest of the world keeps turning and news goes on to other things even when there is still mud and broken things all over your life.

    BEST WISHES. And keep the news coming when you can. Hugs to Buster

  11. This reminds me to stock up on candles and matches! Kerosene for the camp cooker and refill water bottles in the garage, we tend to get so comfortable we forget that at any moment nature can take things in a not so comfortable direction! We are way over due for earth shake here...I loved your England posts especially, homesick...Wags to the pooch.

  12. So good to hear that you have power back and are safe and warm! And your post is anything but boring, Elizabeth!

    I cancelled my New York plans. Simply did not feel like the right moment to go, seeing so much pain around. I hope everybody has at least a warm place to stay by now.

  13. Your posts have been so good at showing what the past week has been like around town.

    It's certainly great to have electricity going again in Manhattan, but I think it's going to be awhile before some other areas get anywhere near normal. (Hoping everyone actually gets to vote this Tuesday!)

    Best wishes to you and yours...looking forward to seeing you soon. xo

  14. Not boring at all, Elizabeth! I fled to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to work in my friend's studio. It was very cold stuck up on the 10th floor in Manhattan with no power, water or phone! Now I have to find a way back because
    there's no gasoline for cabs, I gather. We are so used to having it all..... hope you found something for Buster to eat?

  15. So glad to know your power has been restored. It looks like it's going to take some work to get things back to normal. Thanks for the look.

  16. Not at all a boring post...perish that thought.
    A very informative post which gave us the chance to see the havoc through your eyes.
    Glad your power has been restored. We never appreciate such things until we don't have them, do we?

  17. we just got our power
    the towns around us were really hit hard

    every time the radio said below 34th street or chelsea I thought of you and Buster

    glad all is OK

  18. Golly, what an ordeal - that was a long time to be cold and power-less. So glad you are finally warm, though it looks like a long haul ahead for your damaged city. How nice to see people pulling together and caring. I wish you the very best in getting back to normal!

  19. There is nothing boring about this post Elizabeth - it is inspiring how people are all pulling together in adversity. We have been thinking about you.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes too.

  20. I'm really glad you faired the storm well. And that your grandkids are well, too. Take care.

  21. so good to hear from you!
    thank you
    and keep warm...

    xox - eb.

  22. Not boring at all! Good to get first hand sights and commentary. Glad that you and yours are well and back living in the light.


I look forward to hearing from you!