Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Lewes, England/ Serena Penman

Time to take a break from a depressing new storm heading this way and look back on my October trip to England

where I did a great deal of rushing about --here Guildford Station. On my last Monday I went to Lewes in Sussex near where I went to University. 

It sits on the River Ouse

and has lots of charming old houses 

a blue door (as in Essouira) and is where my friend the artist Serena Penman lives. She met me at Lewes Station and we had a wonderful couscous for lunch. Serena and I went to Sussex together and both studied at The Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art in Oxford. (She was Puck and I was Helena in a garden production of A Midsummer Night's Dream.)

Serena documents the Sussex landscape in her lucid and luminous paintings

which capture exactly the quality of light

in a country I miss more and more.

This is a picture of the Ouse in flood. Oh dear......

As we approach Christmas a snow scene is appropriate

and another one.

Do go to Serena's website here to see more of her pictures.


  1. Elizabeth, I did have a look at Serena Penman's site and really do like her paintings. Thank you also for your fine photos of Lewes. They brought back some happy memories of my own.

    I am bleary eyed after staying up late last night, but very happy with the election results, Presidential and Senatorial.

    Not so happy with this afternoon's storm forecast....


  2. Beautiful photos and I really like your friend Serena Penman paintings. I am off to look at her site.
    If I had a chance to live in such a beautiful place with such lovely memories I would miss it too. Especially with what is happening in the East right now. Glad to know you are somewhat better.
    Unlike Frances I am not so very happy this morning but I do have the Square Ones to lighten my day.

    Hope you will be safe and warm with the new storm coming.
    Hugs to Buster !

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Lovely photographs Elizabeth it is not an area I am familiar with. Your friends paintings are lovely.

  4. Very nice. The area is in polarity to NYC, or so it seems.

  5. Hello Elizabeth:
    Home thoughts from abroad! For when we are in Brighton we so often visit Lewes which is, we feel, quintessentially a very English town.

    Serena's paintings really do convey a sense of place with such clarity and clearness of light. We are most interested to learn that you were at Sussex which has, along with Warwick, and what were then thought of as the 'new' universities, achieved an exceptionally high reputation and one which it has maintained.

  6. Serena's paintings remind me of those by my absolute favourite artist, Cotman. I've never seen anyone come close to his genius so I'm off to her web page now!

  7. How fun to"tour" of England through you photos. Plus an introduction to a very talented and skilled artist!

    I visited Serena's site and wish I had some of her work hanging on my wall. I love how she's distilled the design and essence of the landscape. She has captured the haze in the air with her skilled handling of darks and lights. I also like how her subject matter goes from formal gardens to Claire's washing and Polly's Privy. Thanks for the intro to her work.

  8. oh my gosh! Serena's work is beautiful & so is the place she documents.
    thank you for sharing this.


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