Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Week of People

6th Avenue and 17th St.

This week a collection of the people I've run into on my wanderings round the city. The first holiday season Salvation Army bell-ringer --a welcome sight. I so much prefer giving cash straight away anonymously than getting signed up on things for ever.

23rd Street

Fire Department guys checking the hydrant. How we New Yorkers love them!

Children at the Union Square green market learning about yoghurt.

23rd Street. M23

Evil woman on the bus talking extra loud on her phone about Brad. Does she think that if she looks out of the window the rest of us can't hear her? Hm.....

Guys in HazMat suits cleaning up an art gallery on 23rd St. 

22nd Street and 10th Av.

A photo shoot about to happen at what used to be the Empire Diner. Maybe now the High Line Diner.

Subway to Spring Street.

A nun on a damp afternoon round the back of London Terrace.

Poor lonely security chap at what will be the new doctors' office on 23rd Street.....when they finish it up. 

Who on earth can this be on the subway in Queens? Gosh. So I ask her if I can take her photo and she says they are on their way to perform in Central Park. Perform what? I don't think I'll ever know.*

And last of all a funny face to wish everyone a most


*Thanks to Debra who commented the performers are called Tribal Baroque and you can see them


  1. What fabulous pictures. I love the Salvation Army one and the 'performer' on the subway!

  2. Wonderful captures. Enjoyed the stories you have for each.

  3. Well, that last one, the cutest face
    ever - Happy Thanksgiving!!

  4. the NYFD guys are universally liked ;)

    as is the adorable funny face!

    happy thanksgiving!

  5. They just don't get much cuter than that last photo Elizabeth!
    I can see we have you trapped into a regular 'photo-walk', me -thinks, me-hopes!

  6. I just love how you capture everyday life in NYC.

  7. The interesting looking couple is called Tribal Baroque.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Elizabeth, and Robert and Buster as well! Thanks for another interesting photo tour of the great NYC.

  9. Interesting faces! Quite idiosyncratic by the Lady who talks Bruce. ;-)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours,

  10. I wanted to write "idiosyncratic behaviour" .... ;-)

  11. Ahhh, Elizabeth, every one of your photographs tells a good New York story. Of course, my favorite has to be the adorable young baby in the very wonderful stripey hat!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! xo

  12. I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving. I enjoyed your photos! It's so fun to see New York through your camera.

    And, of course, the cute face in the striped hat . . .


  13. wonderful NYC scenes!!
    you can see just about anyone and everyone in NYC
    and captured them so beautifully

  14. Amazing! How transformed he is from his demeanor on the train to his actual performance! I did not expect such an interesting outcome from this photo taken in passing....

  15. So is that piles of rubbish on the street. Looks like the strike in London in 76!

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