Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Looking back at Manhattan from Queens

I have been rather a lazy blogger lately --lots of family and food. Herewith some random photos taken over the last week or so.

Looking down from our roof on Thanksgiving Day.

As above.

Who are these strange creatures on East 23rd Street?

Thanksgiving morning at 8th and 23rd.

Lonely VW on 23rd Street

Our local Starbucks.


  1. Oh my gosh - these are all wonderful Elizabeth!
    The second one looks to me to be inspired by your husband's work.
    each one is absolutely lovely.
    Happy belated thanksgiving.

  2. Absolutely stunning images of New York seen through your eyes, Elizabeth! The first and the second one are my favourites. Thank for your extraordinary glimpses of your fair city,
    (still cross with Sandy for keeping me away)

  3. Elizabeth, this post really shows a lot about New York, proving that this city is not always full of crowds everywhere.

    I don't much like the sound of today's snow/slush/rain forecast...no day to be outdoors with a camera!

    xo to you and yours.

  4. I love all these random photos! Very NY late fall/early winter feel to them. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  5. What stunning images. I particularly like the first two. Gorgeous. I love your blog!

  6. Ah over my early morning coffee Elizabeth you send forth another spectacular NYC fix! NYC's steam heat is fascinating.

  7. Love the random photos Elizabeth I like the one of the painted wall.

  8. Good eye as usual, Elizabeth, but the yellow Volkswagon tops my list.

  9. the lines and shadows of the street from above shot are wonderful!!

    is that Buster's sister? I recognize the jacket :)

  10. Such differing scenes - loved them all. Great to see it all through your eyes as you make everything interesting. Reminds me of my son when he got his first camera at 15. He was out all around the East End taking the most interesting photos of things one would probably hardly notice or look at.


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