Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween and Thursday

More chatter from the land of the powerless.
So many kind comments which I will try to respond to when power returns to our house (currently at a friend's for an hour or two).

Yesterday was Halloween but there were few trick-or-treaters about.

The lobby was a bit dim and spooky without light.

Soup and grilled cheese done in the frying pan for supper. Rest of  several containers of home made soup will probably have to be abandoned since it can’t be refrigerated. We are running out of clean plates and mugs. Will soon have to hike north to eat out --everything south of here in complete blackness.

the moon and the clouds looking Halloweeny
Jimmy’s brother from Queens has brought in astounding LED lights all up the stairs --thrilling since it makes trotting up and down the four flights almost a joy and much less dangerous. So glad we don’t live on the 12th floor. Much merriment in the lobby.

Very brave traffic cops in yellow vests with red batons directing traffic and a vivid moon and a planet above the Empire State Building. A Con Ed truck on the corner of 8th Avenue and 23rd Street ---wouldn’t it be thrilling if......

Rather chilly so sitting reading Dorothy Whipple book and knitting by candlelight under a quilt. One guttering candle as I type this up. Very 19th century.
After ten o’clock so can start thinking of going to bed pretty soon.
Very few planes overhead.

shadow of spooky person in house....

Thursday Morning

Well, I wake up at 4:30 and think about Bobby and family who have an electric stove therefore no warm drinks.
At 7:30 I take the dog for a walk and run into Jez Coulson who is taking photos on the corner of 8th Avenue. He just drove here from Ohio. He has been a photographer in war zones like Bosnia but says it’s all rather dreary when it is in your own home and one isn’t prepared....
At least half the building have decamped to places uptown --the Hilton for example. Therefore their newspapers are free to take and peruse. The NYC schools will be closed for the week. New Jersey is devastated.

But Dallas BBQ is taking the tape off the windows and is going to reopen......

ps Yesterday's post was #800 !


  1. We still follow from here...
    NJ looks really sad, all those pretty little wooden beach homes damadged and all those desperate people. We had many severe storms here in Hamburg, but a hurricane is something different...
    wish you all the best for the days to come; thinking of you,

  2. Knitting by candlelight under a quilt. Glad you are managing to keep occupied Elizabeth.

  3. Oh my goodness! I was really hoping you might have power by now. Admire your upbeat attitude - think I would be thoroughly fed up by now. Thank goodness for your gas supply, though I can't imagine how inconvenient the rest must be. I look forward to Buster's take on all of this!
    Thinking of you & wish you fortitude and a speedy return to power xx

  4. Elizabeth, this tale of two Manhattans get stranger as the days pile up.

    Downtown power still out (as you well know) so I have no work to go to, even if transportation beyond my two feet were reliable.

    Here I sit with water, electricity and heat. I could loan you some electricity and wash your pots and pans in my little kitchen sink...if you could get up here. me from a call box...if you do see this message.

    Still...apparently the Marathon will take place on Sunday just after Daylight Savings Time ends.


  5. I think I would take Frances up on her offer - depending upon how far she is from you! Eeking out an existence is all well and good but if you have another option.

    The Hilton - what?!

    I do hope your see the light soon!

  6. I wonder, how many babies will have the same birthday in 9 months (he says with a grin) and how many will be named 'Sandy'?

  7. and yet you posted for us! Thank you for the report. Glad you are OK. LOVE the moon photos esp

    Aloha from Waikiki, Friend
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

    > < } } (°>

    <°)333><( ~


  8. you are a trooper, still posting with all that is going on in your neck of the woods.
    hope you get power soon!

  9. Hi Elizabeth, I send you my best wishes from Vienna and I hope you will have electricity soon. It's a rare experience, isn't it? D'Ora sends greetings to Buster, too!

  10. So gald you are okay and that you have your power back now. Beautiful and amazing images. Is the spooky picture of Robert?


  11. I am glad the worst is over, imagine being a storm refugee at the Hilton!!

    Hope the less fortunate are ok...


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