Thursday, April 29, 2010


A very bright blue sky with rather a cold wind.

59th Street Bridge

Last night a full, brilliant moon. So difficult to capture with a point and shoot camera -- but that doesn't mean I don't try


  1. I was just noticing how brilliantly blue the sky is today, but very, very windy. Love the shots you got!

  2. I love these pictures! So gorgeous. You have some talent with photography, very amazing.

  3. The last one is so romantic:)

  4. The first photograph is really interesting. It reminds me of Mr. Rogers neighbourhood for some reason, it has a surreal starkness to it.
    You photography has this fine-tuned poetry. It evokes contemplative spaces of past worlds. Lovely. Do you know an art photog named George LeGrady? If so, please say hi to him, he may be in NY. From Canada.

  5. Hi, dear Elizabeth-

    the sky looks mighty- really great!
    Oh thank you that you brought me in New Yorks streetlife at night :-) The moon is great- it´s difficult to take a good photo of it- but you did it!

    Have a wonderful weekend- Love, Ines

  6. Hi, beautiful photos..I have also visited the marocco blog. My name is Anna, I have lived for 4 years in Brooklyn and then I came back in Italy in Liguria (the cinque terre region), where now I live. Thanks for sharing your pictures..
    See you soon,


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