Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Red Day

As I was on 8th Avenue at lunch time, it suddenly came to me that it was a red day,
 which is counter-intuitive since red isn't a very spring color.

Everywhere I looked people were wearing red. By Dallas Barbecue...

.... by the subway.

Even the fire hydrant had a shiny new coat of red paint.

The lone tulip in the pachysandra was red....

as were last fall's berries reluctant to concede the new year's arrival.


  1. Hi, Elizabeth-

    you are recognizing all :-)
    I don´t like red so much- I don´t know, why. It´s like: "Look at me!" :-)
    But it´s fitting to the spring who also says: "Hey- here am I- back again..." And the fire hydrant says: "Hi, dog- it´s your place to make... !" ;-))

    Have a good afternoon- I will go to bed now- in a white one...

  2. I love the pictures showing real life and spring! Great!

  3. What a clever post. It's funny how one color will dominate our day. I love all the reds you found. I also love being able to walk down familiar streets. I lived and worked in Manhattan for many years. I get into NYC once in a while but not often enough from Massachusetts.


  4. Beautiful pics,Enjoy this lovely spring time :)

    Marinela x x

  5. It is a good idea - RED DEY! I don´t know about this.


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