Friday, April 23, 2010

Earth Day from Philadelphia

I took a trip to Philadelphia on the Bolt Bus ($8!) where I looked at a large number of things....
here cherry blossoms on an old grave....

...fruit blossoms in Harleysville

a little creek in the same place

A glorious sunny day
so feeling 'in the pink'

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  1. so beautiful, I could imagine this smell of flowers

  2. For $8 and suddenly you are in nature! So cool! That tree certainly celebrated with loads of petal confetti- beautiful pink snow!

  3. spring rocks!!! hehe
    lovely pics ^.^ thanks for the smile that these gave me

  4. I enjoy the beautiful picutres- the pink blossoms- a dream!

    Have a wonderful and sunny weekend- Ines

  5. The beauty and delicate nature of a cherry blossom can't be denied. Lovely images. :-)

  6. Amazing pics! so cool, pink snowflakes :)

    marinela x x


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