Saturday, April 10, 2010


All things considered, I'm glad that I'm not famous. Imagine what it would be like having this collection of people on the opposite side of the road from your house. They all have very fancy cameras with lots and lots of cool lenses and are quite chatty as I walk past on my way to the dog run.  They hang about trying to conceal themselves behind much too skinny trees.....

Really not a profession to be much admired. All I need to know is what sort of lenses they have and if I could ever learn to use one.

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  1. I would hate to have a camera follow my every move.but you got some nice pics of the paperazzi....Barb

  2. And...for whom were they waiting? Hoping that whoever that was would be a someone who wanted that attention.

    Isn't urban life sometimes just so strange? Imagine making your livelihood by snapping someone else's otherwise private moment.

    Hoping to see you soon! xo

  3. Oh- you make so wonderful photos! I think, you´re the better Paperazzi :-))

    I agree- it´s not funny, to be a famous person!

    Thank you for showing!

    Have a sunny sunday-


  4. People who say they don't want to famous usually are famous. Elizabeth! "I want to be alone" of Greta Garbo (alos a NYNY at one time). At first glance these paps looked like art students from Canada (yes I toured NY in the early 80's with my art class too). So you are a paparazzi of the paparazzi. Talk about life imitating life. Mirror images reflecting the same thing over and over like an Escher print. Amazing concept E!

  5. So, you are there, you have your camera and Buster to woo that famous person- you SO could have gotten the best shot and sold it to the Equirer for some monies and bought yourself a nice little farm house!
    You are way too polite, that IS the british way...

  6. We have to blame the people who pay a lot of money for their intrusive photos...
    Good idea of giving them their own medicine anyway... I mean for being a "Paperazzi against the Paperazzis" (an eye for eye)!!!

  7. The price of fame is very high. I remember going to one of our famous health clinics in London to buy some products and found the same outside, waiting for Diana to arrive they said. I was tempted to wait too but thought better of it and left.

  8. I would have to agree, not much of a profession. There are so many more wonderful things that they could be doing with their camera.

  9. do you know who they were waiting for?

    x lily


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