Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Caffe Roma

I don't think there is anything in New York to compare with the sorts of coffee shops and cafes Merisi  shows us in Vienna but Mulberry Street in Little Italy has Caffe Roma.....

.....where we wandered on Saturday night....

...and looked at all the canoli and biscotti and Napoleans...

This is what I ate.
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  1. Sigh, there's nothing better than a GREAT coffee place.

  2. Wonderful- thank you for taking me with you :-)

    I hope, you feel fine! Have a nice day- I will go to sleep, right now...

    In the moment I have a favourite song from Alicia Keys- "New York"- I love it and think of your blog...

    Hugs- Ines

  3. Just a little jealous here...

  4. I love a great coffee place and dessert makes it even better, wish I was there....Barb

  5. MMMM yummy! I could eat about 60 of those! Unfortunately I am not bulimic so I would be the size of a house- worth it? I think it might be...

  6. How amazing! I love this city so much. Nowhere better than NYC. Color me jealous! :]


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