Saturday, August 4, 2012

Snapshots in Pairs

Random thoughts from the week: lots and lots of construction everywhere. Scaffolding, hardhats. Here on 20th Street.

Our building is being repointed which is interesting, not to mention noisy. Here a worker is hoisted past our window......

23rd Street looking very yellow

as was East 6th Street.

Puffy clouds on the West Side

and the same ones from the East.

Drinks at the Parallax Art Fair

in Soho


  1. As always, beautifully, classic New York! At first, I misread the headline as Snapshots in Paris :-)
    The Psychic's shop on 23rd caught my eye in the pictures... wonder what she will have to say to me if I paid a visit!

  2. Hello Elizabeth:
    As always, what amazing images, each one so very full of interest and each acting as a catalyst for further thought and reflection.

    You really do live in one of the most exciting and dramatic cities of the world.

  3. Gorgeous summer images of New York, Elizabeth!

  4. So many of good frames showing the life of new york

    I love them as always

  5. Guess you'll be minding your p's and q's while those hardhat guys swing by your windows. Love the blue and yellow of the bicycle rental.

  6. I just love these around and about street/building photos. Oh, is that the ESB cheekily poking up in the background of the puffy cloud shot?

  7. Thanks a million Elizabeth for coming to Parallax. With photos like should have been an exhibitor there!

  8. Everywhere is so busy in your city, never a dull moment. I hope the heat is not getting you down too much and don't forget to water those plants ;-)

  9. I like very much the yellow cars and buildings!
    Here is also very warm, 97F degrees! (36 C).
    Have a cooler next week! :)

  10. {{ love
    love these
    walkAbouts with you,

    thank goodness
    your fine camera skills... }}

  11. Always like visiting New York with you. Really like the cloud pictures. One would have thought that there was no where left to build in NYC.

  12. These are great! Soon I shall feel as if am becoming a part of New York .... and it is a part that I would never experience as a tourist. Thank you!

  13. incredible shots!!
    I love yellow 23rd street
    and all the workman photos
    and the clouds!


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