Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rule Britannia

Had an England-in-New-York day on Tuesday. Walked down to Greenwich Avenue to Tea and Sympathy Nicky Perry's wonderfully tiny ode to English tea shops. I'm not sure this was ever a very accurate portrait of the Queen, but it's a charming picture.

Regard the decor: Sanderson table cloths --same as our drawing room loose covers, except smaller--teapots galore, Toby Jugs (upper right).

A William and Kate plate! Finger sandwiches (Coronation chicken, egg salad, cream cheese and cucumber.)

Frances had summer pudding

I had sticky toffee with Bird's Custard.....

Gosh, how well I remember all the knicknacks and geegaws of my childhood.....the coronation mug I broke on the very day I was given it...

Then on to buy staples at Myers of Keswick on Hudson Street: Marmite and Branson Pickle.

The cold case has sausages and pies (the best is pork and stilton). And look at all those sweeties: Crunchies and Flakes....


  1. Hello Elizabeth:
    Cool Britannia! How well we remember so many English tea rooms that are, sadly,no longer.Betty's in Harrogate remains a beacon of civilisation but so many others met their 'Waterloo' many years earlier.

    The only products we bring from England to Budapest are Twining's English Breakfast Tea and Lea and Perrin's Worcestershire Sauce. The rest we can happily live without!

  2. All very British, indeed! :-)

    The tea sandwiches look quite tempting.
    I have never heard of "Bird's Custard" - intriguing!

  3. The 1950's is alive and kicking in New York! Fabulous.

  4. Toasted tea cakes and a pot of tea remain my favourites, nothing quite like them.

  5. oh mmy gawd....was just talking about Tea & Sympathy to my son at the weekend.... I used to take him for tea after every first-day-back-at-school.....Nicky the propriator sat me down in my first what-the-f***-am-I-doing weeks and gave me tea and sympathy and a plan and I ended up staying for 5 years!!!

  6. ~~~sticky toffee
    with Bird's Custard~~~



  7. What another fab post Elizabeth, we have a cool tea shop in our city called Serendipity Tea and Trinkets it is pink and the cups and saucers are eclectic. It sells homemade soups, cakes and teacakes.

  8. Ah, I was there last year! What a treat. I got my son who spent his early days in England some Bisto. Don't ask me why he longs for Bisto, but he was chuffed! <--LOL

  9. I was there last year! the only thing I 'needed' was some Bisto. My son, who spent his first 7 years in England, was longing for Bisto. Don't ask me or his wife whY but he was chuffed!<---LOL

    btw, he always had a Dougal cake for his birthday, yes from Bettys. Ah the memories.

  10. Feeling rather special seeing these sweets and british themed decorations

  11. What a grand day we had, Elizabeth!

    Weren't we lucky with the gorgeous weather for the walk, and snagging that cozy window table that we completely filled up with delicious edibles?

    Of course, it was the pleasure of being in your good company that truly made the day. xo

  12. Wow - what amazing places! Tea room looks lovely.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  13. Goodness me - we had sofa covers in that pattern too! And I had one of those Jubilee mugs - maybe I should have kept it ... Just came over from Frances to say hello - you obviously had a very jolly tea - what fun!

    Pomona x

  14. what a fabulous place!!
    I fell in love with flake cakes when I was in London
    they're heaven

    great photos
    looks like it was a lovely day

  15. This made me smile...

    I love your new look and profile pic. Am off to catch up with previous posts now as I have been away from blogland for a while.

  16. How very delightful! Am planning to be in NYC in November. Might have to check it out.


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